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This is hilarious!!

January 31, 2010

I got this mail from one of my friends with a hilarious Pokécomic starring Lucario and Mew!

Enjoy! I really want to find more comics like these! 😀

By San Renard

Hahaha! I think I laughed my intestines out! xDD


Less than 8 weeks left! Nostalgia

January 30, 2010

That is 55 days left! Less than two months!! The time just passes by, and is closing in. Especially when writing a blog! I can’t believe that the time has run that fast since they were announced to be released. It has been since… what? July? June? No, actually since May! That is eight, 8 months!!! 8 weeks are nothing in comparison! I can wait that long! *shudder*

Well, there hasn’t been a lot of HeartGold and SoulSilver posts so far. There has been some of them, though. However, today’s post will be about HeartGold and SoulSilver and a some nostalgia.

Do you remember these things featured on Gold and Silver.

The Sprout Tower

A tower in Violet city to honor Bellsprout. And it was full of that Pokémon along with Rattata and Gastly at night. It has got a major makeover, graphically, in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Mr. Pokémon

The man in the house on the route between Cherrygrove and Violet. Up there you got an egg to take care of, which hatched to a Togepi. The first egg Pokémon ever, actually both in the animé and the games.

The Lapras in Union Cave

When you had obtained the badge allowing you to use Surf outside of battle, you could Surf on the waters in Union Cave and every Friday, there was a Lapras swimming around deep inside the cave waiting to be caught. Sigh…

The Kimono Girls

In Ecruteak City you could battle the exotic Kimono Girls which each had one of the five different existing Eeveelutions. The only bad thing was that you could only battle them once each. But still it was nice going back to the Kimono House because of the beautiful music. I hope in HeartGold and Soul Silver that they are able to be rebattled.

So much nostalgia to re-experience… *sigh*

More HeartGold and SoulSilver posts to come! 😀

Pokémon and science go hand in hand!

January 28, 2010

Today, I was in a sort of a limbo, trying to figure out what to write about today, but then I searched the back of my head a bit. And guess what I found to write about! Science! No kidding! (And no suggestions I should go search my head at someone professional!)

The reason why Pokémon and science go hand in hand is because of a science disovery made in Japan back in 2008. Japanese scientists discovered a new protein!

Huh? A protein?! What’s that got to do with Pokémon anyway? Apart from the fact that the scientists are Japanese, there doesn’t seem to be another connection between them! However, there is, in fact another connection with Pokémon and science! It’s not just a connection between the two, it IS Pokémon an science!

The protein is actually named after a famous game-character. And that game-character is none other that our Pikachu! The protein is called Pikachurin!! 


The reason for its name, which must be the coolest name amongst all its protein pals, is because Pikachurin is essential for transmitting visual signals from the eyes to the brain and also for tracking moving objects that we see. Without Pikachurin it would have taken a lot longer time for the signals to reach the brain. Like three times slower! So Pikachurin is very important for you!

And because the protein is do fast, the Japanese scientists decided to name it after Pikachu, who also is very fast!  now Pikachu is in your eyes, no matter where you look! There’s no way escaping Pokémon! xD

Bless those geeky scientists at Osaka Bioscience Institute’s Department of Developemental Biology! 😀

Pokémon to blog about: Combee and Vespiquen

January 27, 2010

In this weeks Pokémon to Blog About I decided to make a combeenation. (Haha, got it? Aherm… Anyways…) I decided to put two Pokémon up to be blogged about. The very reason for that is simply that I wanted them both, one just looks awesome, the other one quite powerful for its type combination (no pun intended) and the one evolves from the other. And it’s also because I’m strangely fascinated by bees and beehives, etc. So why not?

Let’s start with the basic Pokémon, Combee the Tiny Bee Pokémon!

Combee looks like they finally fused a bee (or three really) with a honeycomb! (Duh! Comb bee) But still I just get dragged to it because of my fascination with bees. So awesome! x3

And basically that is the most you can say about Combee… when it comes to the Pokémon itself. It has a small moveset, improved in Platinum where it was able to learn Bug Bite along with the previous set Gust and Sweet Scent. In addition to these moves, Combee actually could learn some move from the Platinum (and also the dearly awaited ones ) move tutor. And, oh yeah, its ability, Honey Gather, lets it occasionally find Honey, to slather on trees as you go searching for those rare Munchlax and Heracross as you’re training Combee.

The evolution link shared by Combee and Vespiquen is special as there is only the female Combee that can evolve. However there is a catch, along with the only-female evolution: the female Combee is quite rare. Besides smothering honey on yellow trees and hope that a Combee appears, but there is only 12,5% chance that the Combee is female. Only one of eight Combees.

Nonetheless, finally getting a Vespiquen is worth the patience. She evolves from level 21, so the worst part was already over when the female Combee was caught.

Vespiquen is a quite decent Pokémon, despite its type combination being Bug/Flying, which is not exactly the best. Especially amongst all the others that share its type combination, with exceptions like Yanmega. Vespiquen unlike the most of the others has high defenses and good enough attack stats and HP stat. Which is nice to have against those stubborn Rock Pokémon, that can almost wipe out any Bug/Flying  types with a single Rock Throw, but not Vespiquen! No way! Vespiquen does not find herself in being harassed by them.

Vespiquen has a very good movepool having Heal Order, Attack Order and Defend Order for, well… healing, attacking and defending. And she has other moves like Toxic (good for status infliction), Power Gem (good against annoying Flyings), Confuse Ray (gives time to arm up with Defend Order) and Destiny Bond (to drag along the Rock types with her as she probably will be sweeped away by Stone Edge).

One other aspect of Vespiquen is that it’s a living beehive/beehive-queen-bee fusion! What is not to be awesome about that! xD

Other games I’m currently playing!

January 26, 2010

Well, as promised here is my post about the other games I’m currently playing. It’s a no poké-post today!

Well, starting off with the Nintendo DS games, in which I play the most, it’s “Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice”!

“Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (from now on referred to as AA:AJ) is an attorney game. You are a fresh-educated lawyer named Apollo Justice, which have been given the task of defending his clients in cases that seemingly points out them being guilty.

It’s a point-and-click-game with a lot of dialogue and a lot of opportunities to shout in the mic things like “Hold it!”, “Objection!” and “Take that!” (well basically just those three). And also yoo have to visit different locations to receive facts and evidence and ask out people about the crime that occured.

It’s storyline it wide, as there are a lot of stories going on, and basically is the main column of the game apart from the gaming itself, because the game is about to get the whole truth of the stories about the crimes. And they are very good stories as well, and the sudden turnabaouts of the stories are really good!

And the other non-pokégame I’m playing for DS is… *drumrolls* The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks!

An amazing adventure RPG game and a must-buy for the DS! The graphics are quite nice, the music just simply wonderful and the gameplay…! Oh, don’t make me go there, because then I’ll go on forever talking about it. Sorry, I mean PRAISING it!! Off course, every Zelda games are to be praised both classical and theyæve got style! (Maybe except the first sequel, in which we won’t talk about right now)

Anyways… You control the Hero of Time aka Link, which, in this game, is a to-be-graduated train engineer. In the Hyrule Castle he gets graduated by none other than Princess Zelda. However, on his first train trip as an engineer, the tracks vaporizes! Link and his fellow companion goes back to the Castle and Zelda joins Link along the way to the Spirit Tower.

In front of the Tower they meet the Chancellor Cole, who seemed very suspicious when Link first met him, and, well, yeah, Chancellor Cole is up to no good. He summons Ghost Train and seemingly hurls a sinister blob of black magic that takes all life out of Zelda. However, Zelda is not dead, although her body is lifeless and kidnapped by Cole. Link can se her although nobody else can.

And that is how the Spirit Tracks adventure starts, Zelda joining Link on his adventure for a change. As the other games, Spirit Tracks is both classical, epic and innovative in its own way 😀

Banned episode: Holiday Hi-Jynx

January 25, 2010

Well the posts are getting more and more regular now, so why not continue on that track.

So I thought I might add another Banned Episode post, because banned episodes are just hilarious sometimes. And “Holiday Hi-Jynx” is just one of those banned episode which fits in the cathegory “hilarious”.

The episode isn’t hilarious in the episode-rather-sucked-way. No, it is just the reason for it being banned that is hilarious. And for the record it was banned and then set later in the season.

Before we go to the why-it-was-banned-and-aired-later-in-the-season-section of the post, I will tell a bit more about the episode plot. It was one of the two special Christmas-episodes to be sent.

In the episode Jessie wants vendetta against Santa Clause himself, because of a Christmas experience she had in her childhood, where she was waiting for Santa to bring presents. While pretending to be asleep, a Jynx arrived and did nothing but steal her favourite doll and that resulted into Jessie stopping believing in Santa and in her current life trying to set a plan to catch Jynx or Santa to get her revenge… and probably her doll back.

Meanwhile Ash and co sees a Jynx holding a single boot that belongs to Santa, which eventually leads them to help Jynx getting back to the North Pole by building a raft pulled by their water Pokémon. They eventually get help from a Lapras that can talk telepathically. Finally they reach the North Pole, when Team Rocket shows up and puts sticks in their wheels and take the gang and eventually Santa as hostages.

Ooh, is Christmas cancelled, just because Jessie wanted her revenge? Off course not, but I’m not spoiling anything.

Well, the reason for “Holiday Hi-Jynx” being banned in the first place was because Jynx had pitch-black skin and was accused of being racial for that cause, as it looked like an impression of an African woman. Tsk, tsk, tsk! One simply mustn’t have any such trifle! That’s at least about the same lines the ones that accused Jynx for being racial. (They were probably white, themselves.)

Racial?? Really?!  African living on the North Pole?? Seriously! And please note that this is not meant as a racial comment from me either, but Mother Earth herself has placed Africa geographically in disadvantage for any Africans to ever live in natural habitats on the North Pole. The South Pole however can be discussed.

So Nintendo’s Pokémon anime section had to remove the episode and airbrush Jynx to a darker purple colour instead. And, oh, they had to Christmas Special episodes, so they took away the other one as well, to place them both later in the series. It seems very strange as Ash suddenly has a Charmander again and not the fully evolved Charizard from the previous episode. They just simply couldn’t place the episodes in the order they really should have been.

And there the to reasons for the “banning” of the episodes seems just to be hilarious!

Here’s a clip from the episode! Enjoy! 😀

Pokémon games I’m playing!

January 24, 2010

Yeah, I really wanted to write about all the games I’m currently playing, but as it turns out, it would take too long time to write all to the end, so I’m going to divide them and start with the Pokégames!


Pokémon Diamond Version

I’m currently training Ninjask and Shedinja, as I wrote a post about the last mentioned as a result of training them!

Moving on to Pokémon Platinum Version! I really hesitated buying this version and was thinking of rather wait until the new games was placed neatly in the nearest game store, but whaddaya know! A copy of the game is in my posession and within reach! As I am writing this, I don’t even need to move my butt to grab a hold of it.

Well as it turned out, sleaky Nintendo, decided not to release the Wi-Fi events to Diamond and Pearl, but rather took the events over to Platinum, and placed the original versions in the mist of forgetfulness. Oh, well, I still got the events that has been published, so hah!

And the last Pokégame I’m currently playing is My Pokémon Ranch for WiiWare!

Yeah, it’s super cute, isn’t it! A little too super cute, perhaps.  

Not exactly a game on its own. If you do not have any Pokémon Diamond or Pearl Version, it’s basically… useless! Don’t waste your Wii Points if you don’t have any of those for the DS. I have, as mentioned Diamond Version, as the Pokémaniac I am, so I enjoy 5 minutes (maximum!) of Ranch (for short) every day!

Next “games-I’m-playing”-post will be about the other games! 😀

PS: The cover pictures are taken from On that blog the writer had published some nice cover arts of Diamond, Pearl HeartGold and SoulSilver! 😀

62 days left!

January 23, 2010

That’s right it’s almost under two months left until HeartGold and SoulSilver is to be released! It’s fifty days left if you’re living in the States!

So… I didn’t have any posts yesterday, but I am not on a weekend excursion again, as I was last weekend. No, I just simply… forgot to post anything. Oh, well…

Anyway, moving on today’s post, I want to look a bit at how the games have developed grapfically from the Red and Blue versions on the good ol’ Game Boy to the modern Nintendo DS. From only being monotonous in colouring and 8 bit (or 16 bit) in solution.

Even back then, still good graphics!

And then, suddenly we got multiple colours!

Had some extra pics here! After all it’s the Gold and Silver versions! 😀

And then going over to the Game Boy Advance, when the Ruby and Sapphire games were released back in 2003. (Can’t believe it’s even been a long time since those games were released.) I still remember i was in awe of the graphics of these games. It was more 3D-ish than before, and it took me at least a month to get used to.

I can sometimes still look at these graphics and just think “Wow!”.

And four years after that… came the long awaited DS-Pokémon games: Diamond and Pearl versions! I can actually remember discussing and talking about the titles of these games with my friends even before Ruby and Sapphire was ever released!

The graphics weren’t as jaw dropping as the conversion from Game Boy Color to Advance, but dear functions from G/S, missed in R/S were back, such as the clock function. And there were TWO screens!

Yeah, that’s over ten years of Pokémon graphics! Would you think about that!

Pokémon to Blog About: Smeargle

January 21, 2010

Yes, so I was trying to think outside the box for the Pokémon to Blog About, and it landed on the Normal type Pokémon Smeargle. I was a bit tempted to write ‘but’ in stead of ‘and’, but still Smeargle is very unique compared to the lot.

Smeargle is characterised as a Painter Pokémon in the Pokédex, where it’s also written that Smeargle has a fluid coming out from its tail which it often uses to mark its territory and to express itself artisticly. Each Smeargle has a unique painting fluid as well.

The special thing about smeargle is that it can only learn one single move which does no damage,(What’s about the one this and one that on this blog?!) and it learns the move repeatedly as it levels up as well. What is going on with Smeargle?!

Smeargle can’t learn any TMs and HMs either! Up to now, this seems like a real whimpy Pokémon that even Magikarp (and Feebas for that matter) can overcome. So the question is: Is Smeargle the mascot for all whimpy Pokémon?

Well, as it turns out, the move Smeargle learns is called Sketch and simply sketches the move the opponent last used. Almost like mimic, but this time it’s permanent! The move stays after the battle!

This means, despite having no Egg Moves and the lack of the ability to learn any TMs or HMs, Smeargle can learn every! single! move! there! is! Now, what about that!

If there are some moves you prefer to have, you have to be strategic to get them. And it could be a problem, because Sketch is a 1/1 PP move, meaning if you fail to use Sketch, all Smeargle can do then is to use Struggle. Also, Smeargle is very fragile; its stats is not up to what it really deserves. So even before it can even use Sketch, it may have been beaten straight out of battle, though it gets better when it learns Sketch yet again and have already Sketched a move before to help it sketch more.

It’s new Ability Technician is actually helping quite a lot in battle as it powers up moves with power 60 or below. but with lousy attack stats, it helps little, but it’s good for repeatative moves like Double Hit, Fury Swipes and so on.

Anyways, puny Pokémon, to evolutions… poor thing, but even so quite exclusive to get, and can be used strategic for battles.

And finally a video of Smeargle in double battle! This is an excellent way of using Smeargle, despite it’s low stats. Wow!

Other games I’m looking forward to: Golden Sun DS

January 20, 2010

Well now that the posts are turning more permanent, I feel more and more bound to this blog! 🙂

Today’s game I’m looking forward to play is the first Golden Sun game coming to DS. I can’t believe it’s been almost six years ago since I first played Golden Sun 2, or Golden Sun: The Lost Age as its real name is. I’m typical that way, playing he sequels first and then go over playing the first game.

I did it already with my very first own game: Pokémon! (suprised much?) I started with Pokémon Silver version, before I the next year eventually bought the Blue Version. I did the same with Zelda; got caught in the Zelda trap with A Link to the Past and just recently I downloaded The Legend of Zelda (the first game) and have almost cleared the game.

Likewise I played the sequel of Golden Sun before I borrowed the first Golden Sun game from a friend of mine last year. Golden Sun 2 was, and is still, a beautiful game, both with graphics, storyline and gaming. Golden Sun was just as beautiful, so the anticipation pulse is high for Golden Sun DS!

As what I have seen from the trailer, the graphics looks beautiful, and things looks familiar in a good nostalgic way, without looking too much like the old games. There is still little to tell about the new game as the gameplay is still a mystery. Nevertheless, it is one of the 2010 DS games I will have in my possesion by at leastthe end of the year, but hopefully and most probably when it comes out.

Oh temptation thy is Nintendo games with a release date in 2010…

Here’s a trailer of Golden Sun DS! *Angelchoir*