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Pokémon to blog about: Jolteon

February 28, 2010

We’re closing in on the end of the Eeveelution special in the Pokémon to blog about, but before we get there Jolteon demands it’s one post of fame on this blog!

Jolteon, the Lightning Pokémon, is the Electric type eeveelution and is fast as lightning! Infact, it’s the fastest of them all (the eeveelutions, mind)!

To get a Jolteon one must simply use the radiation from a gem of the electric element! Or in simpler meanings: Just use a Thunderstone!

And here’s some trivia: You can actually get both Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon at level 1 in the fourth generation! It’s as simple as hatching an Eevee (well three Eevees) from an egg. The Eevee will off course be at level 1 and it’s not required leveling up when evolving woth an elemental stone!

Yeah, Jolteon is quite exceptional, and has its stats where they should be, in my opinion: As said, Jolteon is the speediest of the eeveelutions with the 130 eeveelution-stat-points in Speed. Next best would be its Sp.Attack stat at 110 points. And the runner up for the second place with 95 points is… da-daam the Sp.Defense!

The rest is nothing to brag about, with 65 in both Attack and HP and the cheap 60 points in Defense. Gather here, gather here all ye users of Earthquake!

For Jolteon, a meeting with a Ground-type Pokémon can be fatal, espesially since most Ground-types are bundled up with another type, that is good in Defense. For example Golem, Rhydon/Rhyperior, Steelix, etc. Luckily for Jolteon, it’s able to learn Shadow Ball and Signal Beam as any other eeveelution, so it isn’t doomed.

And a good move such as Thunder or Thunder Bolt which get a boost from STAB while getting support from Jolteon, is always obligatory. Thunder Bolt is probably the best option for single battles,and even though Thunder is more powerful, it’s less accurate.

Jolteon is also able to learn Magnet Rise to remove any attempts of Earthquake-sweeping, which is a good addition introduced in the current generation. And also Trump Card, which gets stronger the lower the PP and Wish for healing is also worth mentioning. And for all eeveelutions which has good Sp.Atk. Hyper Beam is always an option.

Jolteon is probably the Eeveelution that sticks out of the crowd, even after all these years and always new eeveelutions trying to take the spotlight. And no matter what, Jolteon will one of my favourite eeveelution too. It’s the coolest of them!


Some different comics this time

February 27, 2010

It’s weekend and it’s time to chill with some different comics that Super Effective. Not that Super Effective is bad, because we know that is not something to say, but I got sent these comics from a friend of mine yesterday, so enjoy them! 😀

PS: If some of you are looking for the Super Effective comic I posted last week, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a new one there. I really do not know why, but I think it got something to do with the website I got the comic from. I will re-post it somehow soon, though. 🙂

4 weeks left now!!!!

February 26, 2010

With four exclamation marks, this blog celebrates 4 weeks left until Pokémon HeartGold version and Pokémon SoulSilver version is released! ! ! !

I have waited for so long, and soon, people… SOON!!!!

There ae so many new features in HeartGold and SoulSilver if we look, not beside, but beyond the fact that they are the remakes of the best Poké-games, at least in my opinion!!!!

There is, off course, the PokéWalker, where you can take one of your own ‘mon and transfer it to the PokeWalker, and as you walk with it, the ‘mon may level up and/or raise happiness as well. And you’re able to catch Pokémon in the PokéWalker as well! A must-have!

There is also the new in-game feature: The Pokéthlon, which is like contests only made up of sporting mini-games. Where each Pokémon has its own stats, just like in battles! In both of these two mentioned, you can also win prizes that always are useful!

And for the first time in a remake-game: The Battle Frontier! The Battle facility that was first introduced in the Emerald version, and brought back to life in the next let’s-make-this-version-a-better-brushed-up-game-to-make-up-for-it-being-more-like-a-copy-of-the-last-versions-version, also called Platinum Version.

And now, not only will Battle Frontier go on, but in the same generation too. And there is about the same facilities as in Platinum, but it will still be awesome!

There is also a new feature which is about taking photos of the trainer and his team. That is you and your team, not anyone else’s, but some characters can be photographed with the trainer and his team!

And there is, just as in FireRed and LeafGreen, some new areas. Maybe not as big as they were in FireRed and LeafGreen. There is both Route 47 and the Safari Zone, which will be great features!

Most pictures have been taken from Just click on them to go to the site. Owe it all to them! 😀

Pokémon to blog about: Glaceon

February 25, 2010

Well, as the cold winter proceeds so does my Eeveelution Special!

And since I’m in on talking about winter, then why not blog about the Fresh Snow Pokémon, Glaceon?

As logic tells, Glaceon would be the Ice type eeveelution, and logic didn’t fail this time either. Well, enough about stupid sentences just to state the fact that Glaceon is Ice type, to actually start blogging about the eeveelution.

The trick to get a Glaceon from that Eevee of yours is unsurprisingly not that unusual from the trick to get a Leafeon, as they both are the newest eeveelutions.Yes, Glaceon’s way of evolving is also area-based just as Leafeon’s is. Where Leafeon’s area to evolve is grassy, Glaceon’s area is… well, icy; Glaceon has to level up due to radiation from Icy Rock (as it is famously called), which is located at Route 217, which is always full of blizzards.

Glaceon’s stats is all about Special Attack and the Defenses and less than average Attack, Speed and HP stat. That certain HP stat is very common for most of the Eeveelutions as Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Leafeon and Glaceon all shares this trait, and they’re still going strong despite the low HP stat, and there are other great ‘mons with even lower HP.

For Glaceon’s stats Ice-type attacks should come all marvelous for it, but the generation shift was not that kind to Glaceon, even though it have had nothing to with the last generation. Before the fourth generation, all Ice type attacks as filed in as being based on the Special Attack stat. However the generation shift meant that the individual move itself is based on either being physical or special. (I’ve been through this before, haven’t I?) So for Glaceon this means that most of its attacks in the level-up movepool are physical, despite some of them being Ice moves.

Nevertheless, Glaceon is able to learn both Blizzard and Hail upon leveling up, which is a fierce combo as Blizzard will have a 100% hit during Hail and that Glaceon has an ability that increases evasiveness if it is supported by Hail. Glaceon also learns Mirror Coat upon leveling up, which retaliates back double the Sp.Attack damage done to it. However, Glaceon has too good a Sp.Defense and too low a HP stat, for the move to be good enough to be used successfully.

Shadow Ball and/or Signal Beam are good side moves Glaceon are able to learn via TM. Otherwise Wish is good for healing, though it takes some turns to activate and the fact that Glaceon is slow and Substitute for defending against threats like Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Stone Edge, Earthquake, etc., which with only a 1/4 HP sacrifice to Substitute can be less intimidating.

Much can be said about Glaceon, but it is an exotic addition (in my opinion) to the eeveelutions and it sure would be interesting to see the future eeveelutions that Glaceon is going to pass the baton to in the next generations.

The banned episodes of today!

February 24, 2010

Well, today I’m gonna go double up in the banned episodes!

That is basically due to the reason for the episodes, seperate from each other, being banned based on the same reason.

I’ll start in the chronological order, starting with the one of the two that was first aired, which is the episode number 19 “Tentacool and Tentacruel”.

The gang is still at Porta Vista (the same place as “Beauty and the Beach”) waiting for a boat ride to their next destination when they notice a beaten up Horsea at the port. The Horsea is trying to alarm them of something ominous drawing close by making drawings with its ink on the water’s surface, but the gang don’t understand what Horsea is trying to signal.

Misty’s passion for Water Pokémon wakes up right away and she wants to catch the Horsea, when they suddenly hear a loud explosion which is coming from a large ship. They use their Pokémon to rescue the crew on the ship. One of them is Nastina, (who, as a matter of fact, looks just like Brutella who helped Team Rocket in “Beauty and the Beach”), who wants to build a resort and get rid of the Tentacools that are ruining her project.

Off course, Team Rocket shows up and get in ahead of the gang and tries to get rid of them for Nastina, but then the Tentacools strikes back and one of them evolves into Tentacruel. All the Tentas heads for the city and start rampaging and still Nastina wont give in. What are the gang going to do now?

The other banned episode is named “The Tower of Terror”. Perhaps you see the connection between the episodes now?

Well, I’m going to write a synopsis of that episode too, before I go further:

This happens a little bit after the previous one. Ash and co. are in Lavender town after the loss against the gym leader Sabrina and now he’s off to catch a Pokémon able to beat her in battle. And in Lavender town they’re going to the Pokémon Tower, which is rumoured to be haunted. Brock and Misty refuses to go inside the tower and leaves Ash and Pikachu for the task.

In the tower, they have to deal with a mischievous trio which consist of Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. Can Ash manage to catch one of the Ghost Pokémon so he is able to defeat Sabrina?

Well the thing these two episodes have in common is that they both were banned in the U.S. after 9/11. “Tentacool and Tentacruel” was banned because of the rampaging and destroying of tall buildings in a busy metropole. “The Tower of Terror” was banned because… you’ve guessed it – the episode title.’

However after some time (years) these episodes’ bans were lifted. There is even one more episode banned based on the same reasons as these two, but that will probably be posted later.

It’s strange that the anime maker decided to name the Ghost Pokémon episode “The Tower of Terror”, when they could’ve easily name it for example “The Tower of Horror”. It would probably not make any difference for the ban.

Pokémon to blog about: Flareon!

February 23, 2010

This Pokémon to blog about marks coming midways through the eeveelutions. It’s the red hot Flareon, the Flame Pokémon!

Flareon is one of the three eeveelutions from the very first generations and the last one (in the National Pokédex order) to evolve from radiations of elemental stones. Making it too complicated for you? Yeah, it evolves with a Fire Stone! There you go!

Flareon has a outstanding Attack stat and the Special Defense stat as a good runner-up. Also, its Special Attack is generally good and makes up for its lack of good physical moves in its level-up movepool. The best there being Fire Fang with 65 base power and a total of about 98 with STAB, which isn’t that bad, but considering it can learn Fire Blast which with STAB is 180, but has an accuracy of 85(%) may be the better choice.

In the fourth generation Flareon lost Flamethrower as a level-up move, but in the Platinum version, Flareon is able to learn Lava Plume, which has “only” 80 base power (120 with STAB), but has increased the Burn side-effect from 10 % Fire type attacks normally have to 30%.

Aside from the Fire type attacks, which generally leaves us with a strange aftertaste, Flareon has a good movepool, being able to fully utilize its Attack stat with Iron Tail for those threatening Rock Pokémon, Return for basically having high base power (maximum 102), and actually Superpower  with base power 12, but reduces Attack and Defense by one stage each every time it’s used.

However, it isn’t gold, all that glitters. As with Flareon, it doesn’t have that good Speed and HP and worst of all is its Defense stat, which makes its weakness to Rock types even worse and Flareon most likely wouldn’t survive one Earthquake. On the other hand, most Rock types are slower than Flareon, although they have are very strong defensively.


February 22, 2010

Haven’t you ever wondered who’s the voice of Pikachu? Nah, Pikachu cannot be a real person, you say! Well yes it really is!

You want proof? Well here it is!

Her name is Ikue Ohtani! And has been the voice of Pikachu since the very beginning of the anime series! However, Bulbagarden states that she took leave between January and May 2006 for health reasons. By then the recording of her voicing Pikachu probably had quite a few bytes to be re-used, without anyone noticing it’s old recording.

Imagine wake up every day to realize you’re going to work and is only supposed to say different variations of “Pikah-chu!” and “Pika-pikaa!”.

Well for Ohtani’s own sake, she doesn’t have to only deal with the pika-pikas, as she has other roles in the Pokémon anime series as well, both other Pokémon and other people. Among them some of Misty’s Pokémon and a Mime Jr. In fact she was actually voicing the Mime Jr. at the time she took leave, and so another person had to step in at her absence.

All this trivia and more you can read at

Pokémon to blog about: Leafeon!

February 21, 2010

Well continuing on the Pokémon to blog about Eeveelution Edition! *badabaa-badaah!*

And we’re going further with Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon and the Grass type eeveelution!

And what’s more, Leafeon is one of the two new eeveelutions in the 4th generation. One would think it would be natural that Eevee would have evolved into Leafeon by using the Leaf Stone, but no such thing. Logic tells that if Leafeon would have evolved with a Leaf Stone, then it would have been available in all the previous games as well.

So Nintendo, or shall we say Game Freak had to be a little creatie and let Eevee evolve into Leafeon on other circumstances. In that way, Leafeon can only evolve when leveled up at Moss Rock. What’s that, you say? A rare item? No, Moss Rock is the moss covered stone placed in Eterna Forest, so really you just have to level up Eevee in Eterna Forest.

Leafeon’s stats is all about physical strength, which is good, although very unusual for eeveelutions. Off course, there are those eeveelutions with one good physical stat, whether it’s Attack or Defense, but then the other physical aspect would be one of its weakest. For Leafeon’s sake, on the other hand, has both good Attack and Defense and a quite neat Speed stat.

Also, Leafeon has some good moves well suited for its stats, having Leaf Blade, a physical, strong attack with 90 base power, type boost, and higher chance for critical hit than normal.

It has Sunny Day, which is good to activate its ability, Leaf Guard which removes any status infliction when Sunny Day is in use, and Leafeon has also got Synthesis which heals 2/3 of its HP if sunny. The only backside of this, and it can be real bad, is that Sunny Day also boost Fire type moves, so even an ember may have a good chance of defeating Leafeon, which already has a weak Sp.Defense also has a weakness to Fire.

Aside from this, Leafeon hasn’t that a limited movepool when it comes to type variation. Sure, it can learn Iron Tail (Steel), Aerial Ace (Flying), Dig (Ground), X-Attack (Bug) and some Normal type attacks, and it can learn Bite (Dark) via Eevee, so Leafeon can be versatile to some degree.

Nonetheless, Leafeon, having outstanding Defense and Attack and a very good Speed, makes it hard to beat… unless there’s a Fire ‘mon out there.

It’sa weekend!

February 20, 2010

Yeah, so it’s weekend again, and I’m safe back home, but, I really want to continue the new tradition I made last weekend by posting more comics! 😀

You’ve gotta admit, they ARE funny!

This one ain’t no worse!

Super lolz I’d say! XDDD

Pokémon to blog about: Vaporeon

February 19, 2010

Okay, so I figured out that since I’ve already blogged about Umbreon, I will take all the other…uhm… six or seven of ’em. So today Vaporeon is going to get it’s one post of fame on this blog.


Well, Vaporeon the bubble jet Pokémon, is the Water type evolution of Eevee. Vaporeon is available by using a Water Stone on Eevee to evolve. There you go! As simple as that! Eevee doesn’t even need to level up, so you can even get a Vaporeon at level 1 in the fourth generation!

Vaporeon has a tail shaped like a fish’s, and the Pokédex claims that because of the tail people often mistakes it for being a mermaid when they only see the tail over the water’s surface.

Vaporeon has its stats set mostly at HP and secondly Special Attack and then some in Special Defense. Its weakest stat is Defense, but as it levels up it can learn Acid Armor which boost its Defense. However its Speed stat is almost just as weak, so it’s in danger to lose a great amount of HP by the time it has prepared its Defense.

It could really get a use of a healing move, which its normal moveset doesn’t have, but fortunately it’s able to learn Wish through breeding. This healing move, on the other hand, is not activated until the turn after it’s used, but it’s still a healing move, and as mentioned, Vaporeon has a very good HP stat, so a lot of HP will be restored.

And as most Water types Vaporeon has access to many Ice type moves, along with Water type moves, so Surf and Ice Beam are great moves on the offensive side.