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Other Games I’m Looking Forward to Play…

April 28, 2010

… Oooh! Do I have a real treat for you today! I think it’s time to blog about this game before it’s too late, because this is really going to be the Nintendo Wii game of 2010!!

Have you guessed already? It’s not that difficult.

Yes, this time I’m going to blog about Super Mario Galaxy 2!!

Hoo yeah, Super Mario Galaxy is probably the best game you’ll ever find on Wii. So the big question is: can Super Mario Galaxy 2 live up to its prequel?

Like every Super Mario game it’s starts with Princess Peach being kidnapped by none other than Bowser himself, and like its prequels including Super Mario Galaxy, SMG2 will probably start the same way. Off course, it’s the way Princess Peach is kidnapped that triggers us to continue the game. No? Okay, but it definetly decides the gameplay.

In this intergalactic adventure Mario will jump, double-jump and triple-jump and then some through Galaxies we learned to love from the first game and, off course many new ones.

In SMG 1 (let’s call the first game that!) we could freely pick any Galaxy to hunt after a Star from as long as we had enough Stars to go to those Galaxies. Just the way the worlds was in Super Mario 64. 

In SMG 2, on the other hand, it’s more streamlined in the way that the Galaxies has to be completed one at a time almost like classic Super Mario Bros. and New SMB.

If I’m going to be honest on this point, I will unfortunately say that I don’t like that fact. It makes it too much of a NSMB game style. Still, I think the gameplay will beg to differ!

The sequel brings back Yoshi from Super Mario World and Super Mario Sunshine and even New SMB Wii. And the multicolour formed dinosaur will aid Mario in his adventure with new abilities, like inflate himself up to reach new heights (literally).

There are probably new Lumas and powerups and what’s-nots!

To infinity AND BEYOND!


Yellow Forest available for download!

April 19, 2010

Hey there! Long time, no blogging, eh?
Yeah, still without a computer of my own, so this news I got is a tad bit late, but not too late.

If you have HeartGold or SoulSilver you can now get an exclusive route for the PokéWalker via Nintendo WFC!
It’s the Yellow Forest route! It has been available for some weeks now, and will be available until the beginning of May.

What’s special about the Yellow Forest is that it’s stock full of Pikachus and only pikachus!
And what’s special about these Pikachus is that the rarest of the Pikachus have moves such as Volt Tackle, Surf or even Fly!!!!
Sweet! But… there’s got to be a catch somewhere… Yup! To get the exclusive Pikachus with Fly or Surf you’ll have to walk at least the amount of 10.000 steps!!!
There should at least be ten thousand exclamation marks after that, and it’s more; when reaching 10.000 steps there is only 2-3% chance (not 23!) to meet them on the Pokéwalker. Dayum…!
Nintendo really wants to get rid of those fat kids out there, don’t they?
All of us Pokéwalkers really do have to go far and wide, and even go for a jog, to get those elusive Pikachus.


A little bit too early? Still OMA!

April 10, 2010

Okey! Huge news! New generation Pokémon games have been published!!
Introducing on this blog: Pokémon Black and White versions!!
First things first: They’ve obviously run out of version-name ideas that can overcome Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, so they’ve gone back to colours, or more correctly: contrasts.

Okey, actually I think it’s a bit too early for the 5th generation to start. We’re still on the Nintendo DS, and it’s not that smart to have two generations on the same console.

…If it weren’t for the fact that a totally new DS is published!!! The Nintendo 3DS, which will have amazing 3D graphics. (Note that it is only a prototype name.)
I have seen the 3DS, amazing! And I have seen pictures published of Black/White, and it does look pretty neat. I just hope they really overgo themselves this time, because it is necessarily needed!
Off course, HeartGold and SoulSilver are amazing. But this sets the standard for the new generation.
What is brand new this time, then? New types? Perhaps type move combination? Just guessing…

Anyways, I’m getting a feeling that Pokémon Black and White versions will be releaswed as the Nintendo 3DS is released.

And also I really hope that the 3DS will improve in graphics from the DS.

The last Pokémon to Blog About: My Favourite Pokémon!!!

April 10, 2010

It been two weeks since Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver versions were released, so I thought it was time for the first Pokémon to Blog About after the release. I thought it was time for a real special Pokémon this time…

Actually… I have planned it for some time, because it’s my favourite Pokémon of all Pokémon!!! Can you guess who it is?

It’s LAPRAS!!!!!

Lapras, the Transport Pokémon, has been my favourite Pokémon ever since I knew about it!

Lapras is very friendly in the wild, despite it’s appearance when it comes to its size. To humans, and Pokémon for that matter, it’s so kind that it allows them to cross bodies of water on its back, and still Lapras is a Pokémon hunted to almost extinction. So if you hear or see a Lapras singing (I still hope to!), it’s probably checking after possible responses from other Laprases that still lives.

Stupid humans, what do you want to kill Lapras for?! I’m about to become a vegetarian here!! And even despite this, Lapras does not feel vengeful or bears grudges. Bless this Pokémon! If it could ever become President there would be no war on this planet!

Lapras is an Ice- and Water typed Pokémon, like two others from it’s generation. However, unlike them, Lapras does not evolve from any Pokémon. For that matter, it doesn’t evolve into another Pokémon either.Lapras is quite powerful, despite the lack of having any evolutions, and would definitely manage just quite good on it’s own.

Lapras has a fantastic good HP stat and great Sp.Def stat as well, and the other stats at 80 and 85, except for Speed, which is 60. Not bad!

Like most Water types it has the ability to learn Surf, one of the most useful HMs both in and out of battle. One could almost say that Surf is Lapras’s signature move, but since about every Water Pokémon can learn Surf, I am sorry to say that it’s not.

Ice Beam, which it can learn by leveling up, is also a good STAB move at the same base power (95). And Body Slam is also good and woth 30% chance of paralysing, it’s a good bonus!

It also has Confuse Ray, for added annoyment, and Perish Song, if used wisely.

Lapras has the ability of learning 3 out of the 4 one-hit-KO moves, being Sheer Cold, Fissure and Horn Drill, which makes it the Pokémon that can learn the most OHKO moves.

Here’s another fun fact on the go: Before all the 4th generation Pokémon were published, rumour had it that Shellos was a pre-evolution of Lapras. It sure would look like it, eh? Lapras and Shellos are quite alike, wouldn’t you agree?. It turned out, that Shellos had its own evolution.

In the anime Lapras was found by Ash & co. on a beach being tormented by some guys. Lapras soon enough joins Ash and helps them travel around the Orange Islands. It was actually a baby Lapras missing her Lapras herd, so in the end Lapras finally found them and left Ash and the others with a lot of gratitude.

Even though Lapras is still one of those Pokémon who doesn’t have any evolution or pre-evolution, it is by far capable of standing alone. I’m in fact glad for Lapras not having any evolutions in any directions. I believe I will be quite dissapointed the day Lapras evolves.

Lapras ❤


April 6, 2010

Long time no see, eh?
Did you, by any chance think that after the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver, that I would stop blogging, as the blog’s name perhaps would say so.
No freakin’ way!
I’m still short of a computer of my own, as it’s still not working. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Anyways, I thought that with three different versions of Pokémon, I might as well post a journal about my game play. For example what kind(s) of Pokémon I’m training, events, battling (whether in Battle Tower/Frontier, trainers or other players), contests and side quests, and other stuff worth mentioning.

Let’s start with Diamond version:

After several attempts trying to climb up the Battle Tower, I took a breather to “save up energy” for furter attempts in the future. I have come up to the 5th round by the farest, but always been beaten and had to start all over again.
My party of three includes: Porygon-Z, Shedinja and Dragonite. Porygon-Z has a major Sp.Atk stat boosted by the ability Adaptability which boost its Normal type moves by the double and the held item Wise Glasses which boost its Sp.Atk. moves further by 10%.

Shedinja has a great ability, Wonder Guard, which only means that it can only be damaged directly by super-effective attacks, and indirectly by attacks such as Leech Seed, poison- and burn status inducing moves, and Sandstorm or Hail. It’s a win-or-lose Pokémon with its single HP, but has some protection in it’s held item, Focus Sash, which protects for being KO’d by one direct move, and dissapears after use.

And then Dragonite, which is good all over. Enough said.

Now, however, I’m just trying to train some ‘mons to get some steps ahead to complete my Pokédex. Currently, I got Forretress.


Recently I’ve climbed up Mt.Coronet to stop the evil plans of Team Galactic! *Da-da-da-DAMM!*
I stepped into the Distortion World and battled Galactic’s head Cyrus for the last time and found and caught Giratina!!! Wohooo!


I’ve just got a HM from the Sprout Tower and I’m now ready to challenge the Gym that was once my very first Gym challenge – Falkner, in Violet.
The PokéWlaker is going smoothly (wordplay much?) and I actually caught a lot of ‘mons, some of them pretty rare like Kangaskhan! She is now in my party!
Yesterday, I walked home after I had been at my friend’s house. I had the PokéWalker but no Pokémon were in it, the suddenly a Wooper appeared and just joined me!

Nintendo keeps amazing and surprising!

That’s all for now!