And another route for your PokéWalker available!

Long time no Pokémon… Well, that’s a complete lie! Lots and lots of Pokégaming while I haven’t blogged!

Well, Nintendo keeps on giving away Event stuff wi-fi and this time it’s another PokéWalker route called Winner’s Path!

Here, you can find the Pokémon Beldum, Bronzor, Duskull, Munchlax, Horsea and… Magikarp(?).

What has ever been special with a Magikarp, the poor fish that have haunted Pokéfans through every Pokémon versions there is? The answer is: Bounce!

This very special Magikarp knows Bounce, a Flying type move that seems a lot like the HM Fly, except it isn’t a HM it has a little less accuracy and has a chance of paralyzing besides being strong in base power. Bounce is a good move to have when Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, which is Water/Flying.

It isn’t just a special Magikarp that’s available in the route; the Beldum knows Zen Headbutt, the Horsea knows Muddy Water and the Munchlax knows Metronome and Selfdestruct(!!!!!).

So download it, if you can and good luck finding the most rare ones!


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