Pokéjournal # 2

Well, I should really blog a bit more often, but it’s a bit hard when you actually have to make an effort of finding one to call your own.

Anyway and anyhow, I will blog when I have a computer to use, like… now!

It’s been a long time since I even have blogged a journal of my progress in the different games.

Starting with Diamond: I’m still trying to fill in my Pokédex, but paused in the quest to train up Milotic and Yanmega up to lv. 60. Finally Yanmega knows Bug Buzz, which means it’s more powerful now. It was a playing hell without Bug Buzz on it. Now Charmander is at the top of my team, heping me fill up my Pokédex. However, I do hesitate to evolve it, as I am concidering training some of the other ‘mons first… but what the hell…!

In Platinum I have caught the Giratina in Distortion World, which was an epic battle to remember in Pokéhistory. That is actually now become a little while ago, so I have just reached Sunyshore City to take on the Gym Leader there.

In SoulSilver I have fought Team Rocket in the Slowpoke Well and cleared the Azalea Town Gym, which have got a nice makeover. Goldenrod City is the current city I’m in and…oh sigh, the music… In Silver version the Goldenrod music was very tranquil, but in its remake it’s more like the busy and big city it relly is, not a bad word to the Gameboy Color music!

To make up for the lack of the tranquility in Goldenrod, Game Freak has made a good new version of the National Park, theme… Oh, beautiful… *sniff*

Really one of their best compositions – ever!!! Just listen!


2 Responses to “Pokéjournal # 2”

  1. hildur Says:

    slowpoke well were my first “eye opener” to just how awesome the music in this game was… + it got slowpokes in it … and that is mayjor love !

  2. lapraksen Says:

    My first “ear opener” was in New Bark Town! Amazing even that! 😀

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