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Get ready for some Jirachi fest!!

June 26, 2010

Nintendo continues to surprise us! Just after the E3 conference Nintendo is obviously getting bored from the anti-climax the following monday gave them. “Now what?”, Shigeru Miyamoto probably said.

With Galaxy 2 released, what could be said about Metroid: Other M was said, the title to the newest Zelda game – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (can’t… wait… *crave*) was published and they want to keep their cards to their hands for now about further details, and the 3DS was finally brought into the light with titles as Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus and even a remake of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!!!!

Was there anything else?

Ok, so Pokémon Black/White versions are not release titles for the 3DS. Alas! Still I think Miyamoto and the others had us Pokéfans in mind this week when another amazing Nintendo Event became available for all five Pokémon games on the DS!!!

From this date on (June 26th 2010) to July 16th everyone who owns a DS, DSi or a DSi XL with either Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver and has a Internet broadband connection and a Wi-Fi USB cable can download a special Jirachi to each cartridge you own!

For me it means three Jirachis!! Yes, I have them all in their respective cartridge on Diamond, Platinum and SoulSilver. Actually I have two Jirachis on Diamond, as I’ve got one from my friend’s Ruby game. But I haven’t stolen it! I simply transferred a Jirachi from Pokémon Channel, which was MY game, so technically it was mine from the start.

This Jirachi is special in many ways.

1. Make a Wish with JIRACHI! is the first Nintendo Wi-Fi Event available for all five Pokémon DS games!

2. The Jirachi will unlock a special PokéWalker Course called Night Sky’s Edge where Pokémon like Clefairy and Jigglypuff are available, and items like Moon Stone and TM29 Psychic!

3. For all battlers out there, this Jirachi is been given the honour to be the only non-Dragon typed Pokémon to possess the special Dragon type move Draco Meteor!!

It’s a real Jirachi fest, I tell ya!

And it’s especially fun since I just got a Mew! More of that will come in the next PokéJournal!

Actually this gives me hopes again for the Arceus Event and the Celebi Event, that are set in the game, only waiting for being activated by Nintendo! It seems as if when one Nintendo Event closes another Nintendo Event opens!

We’ll see…


Pokéjournal #3

June 11, 2010

Today will probably marked as the day that Nintendo’s greatest game was released! I’m not talking about Pokémon this time, but of Super Mario Galaxy 2!!!!! Believe me, they have done more than just dropping the 2 on the title! That really deserves to be mentioned extra on this blog!

From a good game to three others; it’s time again to set up another page in  the Pokéjournal!

On Diamond I’m still filling up my Pokédex, recently with Charizard, Vibrava, Flygon, Poliwrath and Masquerain! I’m up in 447 seen Pokémon!

In other news on Diamond or shall we rather say on My Pokémon ranch, I have gotten Haley’s Aerodactyl, which is her last Pokémon to trade for a Pokémon that’s not on the Pokédex for the Diamond or Pearl version. That means there are only left to get the Grass Knot-Phione and Mew. So soon enough, I’m going to fill up Pokémon in the ranch so I can get the Mew! Phione only requires to be traded for a Leafeon and the Mew for a simple egg )after 999 Pokémon have been deposited)!

In Platinum, I have only Victory Road between me and the Pokémon League! After I have cleared the it, a bunch of new things becomes avaiable! Amongst those things there is the Rotom’s Secret Key-event which will give you access to the different formes, Darkrai’s Member Card-event and Shaymin’s Oak’s Letter-event! And don’t forget the Battle Frontier, which really puts the Trainer’s skills at test!

So far my Platinum team consists of: Pikachu (with Surf and holding a Light Ball, so it stays that way), Roserade (I really want to teach it Weather Ball, but then I probably have to teach it a weather move such as Sunny Day as well), Infernape (been training it in Atk, but ironically it is stronger in Sp.Atk, which isn’t suitable!) Vespiquen (did I mention my fascination for bees and the like?), Crobat and Drifblim!

In SoulSilver I’ve arrived in Ecruteak City and got  an Eevee from Bill when he’s back in Goldenrod City. Now the millon dollar question is: What kind of Eeveelution am I going to get? I think it will be either Jolteon or Umbreon, or maybe Espeon.

I’ve also been on treasure hunt on the Pokéwalker by collecting a lot of Big Pearls to sell for a lot of money! The money are mainly been being spent at the Goldenrod Dept. Store Lottery where one can win a lot of good TMs. So far I’ve collected four or five TM 02 Dragon Claw!

= 3750

In Ecruteak I went to the Dance Theatre and expected to battle the Kimono Girls, but ended up battling a Rocket Grunt. There was only one of the Kimono Girls there, but weren’t there five of them?

I really wanted to battle all the five Eeveelutions, but has Nintendo decided not to have the Kimono Girls battles just because ov the newest two Eeveelutions? Then I get really dissapointed…

I’ll keep on playing and hope you’ll do that to!

I’ve brought my Pokémania to a new level!

June 6, 2010

This week I have actually started to begin collecting Pokémon Trading Cards – again!

I think it’s about 4 or 5 years ago since I last was serious in collecting  the Trading Cards, but now I’ve gone back to old habits again.

It all started in, let’s see… 2000 actually when a there suddenly was a boom of Pokémon games, cards, candy and what could and couldn’t be sold of Pokémon merchandise (basically ALL Pokéstuff made, were sold). This was a year before I even got my first Pokémon game (Pokémon Silver Version) and I was kinda sceptical to all things involving Pokémon, but soon enough I got the Pokéfever as well. It started with one trading can and, well… never ended.

However, that was ten years ago (omg ten years?!), but it lasted for several years at a time. And now this week again I saw some Booster Packs (as  packs with ten cards are called) of the new TCG series called HeartGold Soulsilver Unleashed. Off course I had to buy that series, based on the two new Pokémon games. Even better, almost all backgrounds on the card illustrations depicts different places  in the two games.

My goal is to get this Pokémon card. It is Lapras frolicking in Union Cave! Beautiful!

Oh, these serene melodies…

June 2, 2010

HeartGold and SoulSilver is stock full of amazing music! So I really want to make a regular posting about the music in these treasures of two games and perhaps even some other Pokémusic too.

I’ve already posted a Youtube video of the National Park theme, with pictures of the park from morning until night. It is perhaps one of the best game music ever, but even that is just the top of the iceberg.

Today, however I will present to you the music in New Bark Town.


Oh, and here is the same melody in the Game Boy tune.

Even in GB tune, it is simply beautiful… *sigh*

The new Legendaries of Pokémon Black and White versions!

June 1, 2010

A lot of new stuff has happened since i blogged last time!

The new three starters has been published, with various reactions, off course. (I’m sticking with the Grass starter this time!)

No revolution there as they too are of the traditional Grass, Fire, Water range.

However, some new legendaries has been published, and not just any regular Legendaries (huh?): The Legendaries that will be the mascots of the Black and White versions it is!!Not much is known about these two legendaries, other that that they are Dragon typed, perhaps double typed and that they are named Reshiram and Zekrom.

There is a enormous paradox here, being that Reshiram, the white Legendary is the Black version mascot and Zekrom, the black one is the White version mascot!

What the heck?! So, this is Nintendo or Game Freaks way of taunting the Pokéfans the Pokémon Legendary they can’t get in the game or what?

And what about the designs of the two Legendaries. They look a bit like they have a Dialga/Palkia design, got some feathers and fur and has been painted purely in white and black, respectively. On the other hand, they do have some decency about them. Gold and Silver version theme was “high in the sky”/”deep under water”, Ruby/Sapphire being land-and-sea-themed and Diamond/Pearl was time/space-themed. So… is this theme perhaps (I’m just guessing here) “Light and Darkness”?

We’ll see… Catch ya later!