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The Nintendo Events keeps on rollin’ in!

July 29, 2010

Oh, yes! Another Nintendo Event is arriving for the Pokémon games!

This time it is an Event exclusively for HeartGold and SoulSilver – the Enigma Stone Event! The Event begins at July 31st and will last until August 27th. That’s about a whole month of time for you to download the Enigma Stone!

The Enigma Stone is a Key Item to be taken to Pewter Museum, where it will be analysed by a man. It turns out that the Enigma Stone is a fossilization of the Soul Dew, belonging to the Lati@s [a term of saying Latias and Latios at the same time]. After that… no I’m not going to say it all, but you’ve already found out that it’s about the Lati@s. At least you should have.

Yes, the Enigma Stone activates the Lati@s, but not both in each versions.

Latias, the red one for all the n00bs out there, will be able for SoulSilver and Latios, the blue one, for HeartGold.

The Lati@s were actually the first Legendaries with gender differences, Latias is female and Latios is male. They cannot breed and that is for two good reasons. Firstly, they are Legendaries, which are known for the symbol of being unbreedable. Secondly, they are actually siblings, so… ewww! Let’s not go there…!

Lati@s were first introduced in Ruby and Sapphire Versions, where they were the running Pokémon of the games. As to HG/SS, they were exclusive in the different versions; Latias in Sapphire and Latios in Ruby.

Unlike in Ruby and Sapphire where they are roaming around in Hoenn, they are battled directly, without fleeing, on HeartGold and SoulSilver. So get out there and take it nice and easy when catching them.

And don’t forget to save before the battle!


A handful of other games currently playing on Wii

July 28, 2010

I like this category a lot, because I can write so much about other games than Pokémon (not a bad thing said about the ‘mons, though).

The, let’s see… four games are mostly being played on the Wii, but there is one on the Nintendo DS, which will be posted next time, as this can be a long post.

Since there are so many games being played on the Wii at the moment, I think I’ll start with them.

The first one is Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City.

Animal Crossing was originaly for the Nintendo 64 in Japan, but it wasn’t until later on that it came to the rest of the world. That was in 2004, and the Nintendo 64 had long since been replaced by the GameCube, so when Animal Crossing came to GameCube, a little graphic enhancement came with the package. AC: LGttC follows the original game(s) and especially the DS version almost by the spot.

The game is about moving to a town and get to know the neighbours and other villagers, go fishing, bug catching, picking fruits or shells, plant fruits, dig fossils, selling items (including fish, bugs, fruit, fossils and/or shells) to pay the mortage of the players house or to go shop for new clothes or furniture.

It sounds perhaps a bit dull, but it can be very addictive. Besides this, there are special days to be celebrated, villagers that has favours, and some people that visits the town once in a while, and a museum to fill up with bugs, fish, fossils and paintings, so there’s a lot to be done.

As said, this can be very addictive or maybe you just leave the game after a few days, because of the lack of patience. When it comes to me, I can play for several hours at a time, but then after a while (a couple of weeks, months or maybe even a year), I find no willpower to play it and go for another game instead.

The other thing with AC: Let’s Go to the city is that it is repetitive, not just in the game play, but also that it’s too much like it’s previous games. The “Let’s Go to the City”-part is only a city SQUARE! You have to give me more than that to make a new game, or else it’s basically the same!

And the next game is Super Mario Galaxy 2!!

Simply wonderful! Amazing courses (also called Galaxies), beautiful music, cool characters, awesome features added and also a trip down memory lane with courses from not only SMGalaxy, but even Super Mario 64!! Still not convinced? See the video below!

The last of the Wii games for now is Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4!

Lego has made games with other famous movies before. Indiana Jones, Batman are both on that list, and let’s not forget about the epic Lego Star Wars, which has many fans out there!

Lego people do not talk, but the story tells itself… at least for Harry Potter fans such as my self. For others not familiar with Harry Potter, it might be more difficult to know what’s really happening, as the game is skipping many things as the story goes. Then it probably doesn’t help that the characters don’t speak.

What do I know anyway? I just happen to know the storyline because I’ve read the books and watched the movies. It is just a theory and not a fact that non-fans won’t get the game, but one fact is clear: This is how a Harry Potter game is supposed to be made! Got that, EA?!

I got Mew!!

July 11, 2010

After going through a catching frenzy on Diamond, and then deposit almost all the Pokémon I caught onto My Pokémon Ranch.
Then I could finally trade Haley’s Mew for a simple Egg. Best trade ever!!

This means that I have 3 of all 5 Legendaries that is in the 100-Stat Legendaries cathegory. (I invented the name myself.) That is the Legendaries with 100 points in each stat and are very difficult to get in a “legal” way.

The five of them are (in National Pokédex order): Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy and Shaymin.

Since it has been an awful long time since the last Pokémon to Blog About, I thought of taking it on with five Pokémon! (Or perhaps even six! You’ll see…)

Let’s start with Mew, the New Species Pokémon!

Mew is the first of these Legendaries in the National Pokédex order and is the very first Pokémon unobtainable in any normal way ever. Mew couldn’t be obtained in any three versions in the first generations by cathing or evolving. That has made Mew one of the rarest Pokémon to get ever since.

However, there was a glitch in the Red and Blue versions that made Mew available. If you went to Cerulean with an Abra that knows Teleport and healed at the PokéCenter then went to the Route due North and got spotted by the Jr. Trainer. Right in that moment the trainer (you) had to press Start and make Abra Teleport. Then the trainer should go to Cerulean Gym and battle a certain male Swimmer. Then go back to the same Route and a menu will appear. When that menu was closed the trainer could battle a wild Mew!!

If you, like me, already had battled the two trainers, the glitch fails and no Mew can be obtained. There are, however, altenative ways to to this glitch.

The Mew was also given away in tournaments in different cities around the world, but as it mostly were bigger cities, Pokéfans in smaller towns couldn’t get Mew unless they spent a fortune and went to these tournaments.

The special thing about Mew, other than its rarity, is that it can learn every single move that is possible to learn! In theory that is. Mew has a moveset as it levels up, but cannot be bred and recieve egg moves, but it can learn every single TM and HM that exists, no matter the generation and probably get any moves from any Move Tutors

Four moveslots may seem a little bit to little for Mew.

There weren’t any events to get Mew in the second generation games, but you could trade the Mew from the previous gen games via the Time Capsule.

In the third gen, Mew got a Nintendo Event on Emerald Version. As Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection still didn’t exist, it was still an Event in bigger cities. If you got the Old Sea Map item you could travel with S.S. Aqua to Faraway Island were there was a Mew waiting.

In the current generation, if you, like me, have downloaded My Pokémon Ranch to Wii and deposited 999 Pokémon (I know!) to the Ranch, Haley (the Ranch owner), will trade a Mew for an Egg.

This I did and finally got my very first Mew! Still after nine years, my Pokédex is not complete and it will probably never be fully complete. I’ll try my best, though, so wish me luck!

Next Pokémon to Blog About will be Celebi!

Black and White, I say?

July 4, 2010

Even more info about the very newest Pokémon games yet to come in spring next year has been official!

A lot of new things is going to be a part of the next generation in addition to the new Pokémon.

The new region is called the Isshu Region, which seems to be far more industrialized than the previous regions, especially when it comes to the infrastructure. One of the cities has skyscrapers and a huge bridge leading to it with a lot of trucks driving on it.

If there is something the other regions has lacked it had to be the infrastructure! It is actually quite ironic that the technology in the game, such as Poké Balls, PC storage and trading are amazing if it had existed in the real world, as it would probably and basically needed the infrastructure to get all the material to build and make them.

Anyways, the graphics are also a bit different. At first sight it seems unimpressive in my opinion, stills of Black/White battle, seems a lot more jagged than before, but now the whole player’s Pokémon is seen from behind not just half its body or like, in Mamoswine’s sake, the top of its head revealing one eye and the tip of a tusk.

Not only do we see the entire Pokémon this time, but they are actually moving in battle, which was just about time. The Pokémon react if they get hit or if the moves miss and the even move when waiting for commands.

That is the so called aesthetic battle systems, but there is said to be some new core changes in the battle system as well, that is still yet to be revealed. However, what is already confirmed is the new battle form! We already have single and double battles, but in Black and White triple battles is introduced!!!

Half the team is out there at the same time! The question is: Will it really work?

It is yet to be answered. And another question is also unanswered as of yet: Will Pokémon Black and White come to the new 3DS, arriving next year?

Probably and hopefully, I’d say! *Knock on wood*