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When I think about it…

September 16, 2010

Some time ago, I made a bad-list for the next generation Pokémon gameget s and I promised I would make another list to make up for it – a pro-list!

There has been some months since Pokémon Black and White versions was revealed, so a lot of new stuff about the games has been revealed as well. If you assume for one instance that I simply detest these games, I hope these points will get you on other thoughts.

Be aware that the following is full of *spoilers*, so if you really don’t want to know about the games until you have (one of) them in your hands. (What are you doing on the Internet then?! Shoo!)

1. Not all the new Pokémon are that bad.

There are some cool ones in there as well! For example this swan Pokémon currently known under the name Swana, looks very nice.

There is also a new Pokémon, currently under the name Shikijika, which has a cool added effect… However I will tell more of it further down on the list (because it makes up for a reason to ge the new games). Anyways, there are many cool Pokémons already revealed and definetly more to come!

Also there are some new cool type-combos, like Dragon/Ice,  and there is actually a Pokémon that is pure Flying type!!!

2. Clearer differences between the versions.

If we look at the version-difference history, we see that the difference is mostly what kind of Pokémon that can be caught.  However, in Black and White, the versions will be more significally different from each other: There is a certain city that will be hi-tech in the Black version, but sort of ancient-like in the White version.

It's more than the cover that is different between these games.

This is what is known so far about the version differences (and that there will be some version exclusive Pokémon as always).

3. The wi-fi system in B/W is supposedly better.

The wi-fi function was introduced in the 4th generation, giving it an addition that lifted up the concept to a new level; now the world’s greatest trainer could really could be decided. (Well probably not, because there is too many Pokémon players out there  to find the best one).

In the 5th generation, the wi-fi features are more accessible both as how to reach the features within the game and reach other trainers for battle better that the previous generation.

The wi-fi features includes Global Link (battle, trade, etc.), a new feature called Dream World which supposedly have some wi-fi features, like special Pokémon. If supported with the upcoming 3DS, Pokémon Black & White will probably be even easier to get online with.

4. Cooler additional features!

Perhaps these games go a little longer than the previous ones. The last two generations have introduced weather effects on-location. With this I mean different routes with heavy rain, sandstorm, fog or wintery hail. However, in the newest game yet to come, there are actually a season cycle!! Each season last for a month before going over to the next season. This is where Shikijika come in the picture as it is a Pokémon that changes its look according to the season.

And there is also a feature called ‘Pokémon Musical’ that seems to replace the Pokémon Contests we know back from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

The new generation brings us Pokéfans tons of new stuff to be happy about! I can’t even get half of it on the list! And now recently more of the games are revealed and it seems that all Pokémon have been revealed as well!!

I was afraid that Black and White versions was going to be a major dissapointment, but it seems that I, once again, have been proven wrong, fortunately.

Until I have one of the version in my hands, it remains to be verified, though.

I think I’m going to be busy from now on checking news about the new forthcoming games, so be sure to check this blog for further details!


When I’m away…

September 2, 2010

Hey all you Pokéfans out there! I’m still here. It’s almost been a month since last time, and that is mostly because I’ve started on a University! Gamers aren’t slackers, that’s for sure!!

There is news about the new generation of Pokémon games all the time and soon enough I’m going to post that pro-list on the B/W-games.

For now I’ll post a nice trailer for you! It is in Japanese though.

Later on I’ll comment the trailer in this blog so follow closely!

Amazing! 8D