When you wish upon a ‘Rachi!

I’m not talkin’ about any form of ‘Rachi! I’m talkin’ about the JI-rachi! Or actually Jirachi!

It’s another Pokémon to be blogged about, continuing on my 100-stats-Lagendaries.

Jirachi was introduced in Ruby and Sapphire, or more correctly in that generation as it was not available by only having one or both of the versions.

Jirachi was a special-occasion Pokémon just like the previous and just like the rest!

Let’s get back to that further down, so another question can be answered first: What is so special about Jirachi?

Jirachi has perhaps one of the best type combinations of all of these 100-stat legendaries, being Psychic and Steel. That means that every weaknesses the Psychic type basically has, is covered by the Steel type (which are the Dark, Ghost and Bug types). However The Psychic type doesn’t cover all the weaknesses provided by the Steel type.

Apparently, Jirachi has a third eye on its torso, which I just recently noticed. According to Bulbapedia, this third eye can be called “the true eye”. The main task for this Eye is to absorb a lot of energy so it can hibernate, no not for a long winter, but rather a millennium.

Yes, the Pokédex consistently states that Jirachi is awake in only one week every thousand years. (Some life, huh?) During this week Jirachi will grant any wishes anyone who confronts it desires.

But during these thousand years… How does Jirachi stay unharmed from any dangers and damage?

Well, the Emerald Version Pokédex claims that it is protected by a “tough crystalline shell”.

These last two pics are from the movie “Jirachi: Wish Maker”, which in the anime is from back in the “Advanced Generation Series” (the first season linked to the Ruby/Sapphire versions).

There is also a Pokédex statement which claims that it fulfills the wishes people have written as notes set on its head. And… wait! Huh?! Hold it right there! How can people put notes on Jirachi’s head when it’s covered in a hard, protective shell?!

Well, the Pokédex is infamous for having “information” that doesn’t always seem a 100% waterproof. Any Jirachi used in the RPG-games, does NOT go to sleep for a thousand years, so any new proud owners of the rare Legendary can breathe normally again. Jirachi can, however, be induced with a SLEEP status and use the move Rest, but neither one of the two will result in a thousand-year SLEEP status.

There is another ‘however’, because another Pokédex statement claims that Jirachi will fight without awakening when it senses danger. Which could mean that Jirachis in the game are never really awake, but can fight normally. This could be somewhat explained by the move Sleep Talk, but then again Jirachi does not have Sleep talk in its level-up movepool and Sleep Talk requires the user being induced with the SLEEP status, and Jirachi isn’t even that when using other attacks.

So, what’s left… Well, Jirachi can still learn Wish, though. Although by now we vcould probably conclude that Jirachi may be renamed the Enigma Pokémon…

Next Pokémon to blog about will be a double, so stay blogged!


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