My prayers have been heard!

This is just historical!!

Alongside the Legendary Beast Trio of Johto, Nintendo is clearly in a good mood before releasing the new games that opens the door for a new generation! (Has the sales number hit the sky in Japan? Good reviews?)

Nonetheless, while the Wi-Fi Event is all about the Beasts, Nintendo has an event going on in stores around Europe. And that event is nothing less than historical!

For the first time in Europe ever, Celebi is given away!!! CELEBI!


Here is a list of countries where Celebi is available:,_around_globe


Celebi is deemed by many as the rarest Pokémon ever: It has never been released outside of Japan and the United States legally – until now! Japan hashad a few Events since back in Generation II where Celebi was introduced and U.S. had a single event with Generation III due to the 10th anniversary celebration of the Pokémon games.

This Celebi is not only special because of its rarity. It also unlocksa special story in HeartGold and SoulSilver versions including Giovanni – the leader of Team Rocket back in the Red, Blue and Yellow versions. That’s all I’m saying (and mostly all I know).

And not only that: when transferred to the upcoming games, Celebi makes it possible to get Zorua! A Pokémon I blogged about last year which, along with its evolution (Zoroark), has a very cool ability called Illusion, which makes it transform into one of the opponents Pokémon.

Seriously; it’s like someone working for Nintendo has been reading my blog and my woes! (Mr. Miyamoto-san, is that you?) Suddenly my prayers about the Pokémon games. And when Europe gets the new games even before America, which has never happened before…

Now go get the Celebi while the offer lasts!

(Note that I’m not responsible for content in external links, and while I’m at this serious part; I disclaim any ownership or responsibility of all pictures posted on this blog, the pictures have been taken via google.)


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