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Thoughts about Japan

March 22, 2011

It’ still just less than two weeks ago that the major earthquake hit Japan.
This wouldn’t be so bad, as buildings in Japan are designed to endure eartquakes, if it weren’t for the following tsunami, which devastated infrastructure and lives.
If that weren’t enough, nuclear power plants suffered by the tsunami, and have caused them to overheat and some of these actually to explode.

This again has resulted in a concern for radiation in not just the Sendai area that was struck, but throughout all of Japan.

Although, hardly of any importance at all, considering the circumstances, Nintendo nor Game Freak did suffer from the catastrophy, having their HQs located in Kyoto and Tokyo respectively.

You might have heard rumours about Junichi Masuda, one of the members of the Game Freak board of directors and also known as the father of Pokémon, has passed.
These are JUST FALSE RUMOURS!! He did not suffer any damage from the catastrophy any more any other Japanese outside of the zone that was hit.

Nintendo along with other Japanese companies including Sony, have offered their aid economically.

There have been some questions raised about gamers outside of Japan, being subdued to the consequences of the catastrophy.

The Pokémon Global Link site, which were scheduled to be launched on March 30th, has been delayed.
This is also because the main server, which is located in Japan, is currently down, but of course mainly because of Japan’s sufferings. Even the Japanese website is temporarily down.

As already said, these are the least to worry about now. Japan has started the recovery process and will hopefully go back to normal as soon as possible!


Pokémon Black and White out in US!

March 7, 2011

This Sunday was the day that Black and White Versions were released in the US!

Speaking of the US, the Unova region is said to be far from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, which resebles parts of Japan. The Unova region is actually resembling New York and the area surrounding the metropolis. So what better way to mark the US release on this blog than to have a picture of the Unova map!

This may also mark the day that many starts at generation V and probably leave generation IV. Not me, though. As blogged just recently, telling about my unfinished business back there.

Even though I feel that it’s good to have a brand new start, the new generation really took me on surprise. I really can’t believe that the Diamond/Pearl generation actually was introduced four  years ago.

The D/P generation is said by many to be the weakest generation so far, but I’ve actually recently reached 999:59  in gameplay time on my Diamond save file (yeah yeah, it’s a little embarrasing), being the game I’ve played the most.

Let’s not forget, however, that this generation brought in the physical/special split system, which really lifted the battle system, and promoted some Pokémon with new evolutions – Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Roserade among others. And let’s not forget the connectivity with the rest of the world!

Diamond and Pearl had som good tunes as well. Just like on Route 216 and 217.

Notice that Diamond, Pearl and Platinum have a little different version of each Route and City depending on the time of the day.

Pokémon Black and White has been released!

March 4, 2011

Today marks the day that a brand new generation of Pokémon starts!
I have got myself a copy of Pokémon Black Version and so far it has only impressed!
I’ve been concerned about the graphics, seeing most of the screenshots in close-up, but the battles are more dynamic than before, or, actually dynamic as never before!


With Pokémon Black and White, Game Freak has promised better communication with trainers all over the world, and puts the Friend Code system introduced eith Diamond and Pearl at the sideline.

With Black and White, a new start for the franchise is introduced with all new Pokémon. It’s a bold decision, but it sure works!

Pokémon to Blog About: the Seafarer and the Sea Drifter

March 3, 2011

This Pokémon to Blog About is going to be about the the Legendary Pokémon that is supposedly born on a cold sea floor and consists of 80% water and – off course – being a Water type Legendary.

It is Manaphy, the Sefaring Pokémon!

Manaphy is one of the two 100-stat Legendaries introduced with generation IV and not available within the games except for special events or gifts from other (spin-off) games.

By being a Water type and consisting mostly of water it gets really affected by environmental changes in oceans, such as pollution increase, or decrease in mineral levels or other substance levels such as CO2. No wonder why it’s so rare. (Well, basically the keyword here is Legendary.)

However, it can use water to its advantage too. Whenever it’s raining, Manaphy can heal itself, by letting pure rain water flow trough its body. This makes it naturally that Manaphy has the ability Hydration, which heals it from status conditions such as paralyze or poison when rain is set as a weather condition, such as using the move Rain Dance, the ability Drizzle or being in an area with rain.

In battle, this gives Manaphy a huge advantage: Not only can it be healed from status inflictions by having rain set in battle, but all Water type moves gain power and all Fire type moves gets weaker.

Also, Manaphy has a signature move called Heart Swap, which makes it switch stat changes with the opponent. This means that whenever the opponent tries to boost stats like Attack or Defense by using Bulk Up, Swords Dance, Iron Defense, Agility, etc., or whenever the opponents tries to lower Manaphy’s by using Growl, Charm, Screech, Fake Tears, etc., Manaphy can switch that with its opponent and use that advantage against it.

Nevertheless, it’s not the signature move that makes Manaphy so special among all the Legendaries. Manaphy is the only Legendary who can produce an offspring!

That’s right! When you put Manaphy in day-care with a Ditto, they’ll eventually make an Egg containing a different Pokémon called Phione – the Sea Drifter!

What happens if you put a Manaphy in Day-Care with Ditto?

Phione is much like Manaphy, being the Water type and having most of the same movepool. However, its stats are much lower being over all 80, and lacks Manaphy’s Heart Swap and Tail Glow.

Is has been very much discussed, whether Phione is a Legendary itself, having low stats (for a Legendary) and being able to breed and produce more Phiones. The last statement also questions its rarity, as there is, theoretically, no limits of how many Phiones you can get. But the supreme forces themselves have announced that Phione is a Legendary (just after they announced that it isn’t)!

Nonetheless, if Phione is a Legendary, then it is the weakest Legendary of all time!

Manaphy is known as the Seafaring Pokémon because it is known for swimming long distances to return to the place it was born, while Phione is known as the Sea Drifter Pokémon, because it uses a floatation sac on its head to drift around in the sea and, as Manaphy, makes it destination back to where it was born.

Now, I almost forgot: How do you get Manaphy?

Manaphy is one of the Legendaries of Generation IV not available within any of the RPG-games. In Japan Manaphy has recently been available through a Wi-Fi Event, and otherwise in Europe and US it has been available in the very first Pokémon Ranger game.

Once the main story of Pokémon Ranger is cleared, a “Special Mission”-option is available in the main menu, where, once entered, you have to write a password for a secret mission. Then you have to clear a mission about a newly-found egg stolen by the Go-Rock Squad.

The password and all about the mission can be read here: