Thoughts about Japan

It’ still just less than two weeks ago that the major earthquake hit Japan.
This wouldn’t be so bad, as buildings in Japan are designed to endure eartquakes, if it weren’t for the following tsunami, which devastated infrastructure and lives.
If that weren’t enough, nuclear power plants suffered by the tsunami, and have caused them to overheat and some of these actually to explode.

This again has resulted in a concern for radiation in not just the Sendai area that was struck, but throughout all of Japan.

Although, hardly of any importance at all, considering the circumstances, Nintendo nor Game Freak did suffer from the catastrophy, having their HQs located in Kyoto and Tokyo respectively.

You might have heard rumours about Junichi Masuda, one of the members of the Game Freak board of directors and also known as the father of Pokémon, has passed.
These are JUST FALSE RUMOURS!! He did not suffer any damage from the catastrophy any more any other Japanese outside of the zone that was hit.

Nintendo along with other Japanese companies including Sony, have offered their aid economically.

There have been some questions raised about gamers outside of Japan, being subdued to the consequences of the catastrophy.

The Pokémon Global Link site, which were scheduled to be launched on March 30th, has been delayed.
This is also because the main server, which is located in Japan, is currently down, but of course mainly because of Japan’s sufferings. Even the Japanese website is temporarily down.

As already said, these are the least to worry about now. Japan has started the recovery process and will hopefully go back to normal as soon as possible!


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