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Let’s all be grateful!

April 24, 2011

I’m going to continue on my Pokémon to Blog About – 100-stat-Legendary Special, which has lasted for over half a year now, due to being a little lazy. (Yes I’m admitting. Let’s go on now!)

This time the Pokémon to blog about will be about the last one in the 4th generation and the second of the two Grass types in the 100-stat category. It could almost be both the second and third one as well.

I’m talking, or more like blogging about Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon!

Like all the 100-stat Legendaries, Shaymin is famous for being shy and secretive, mainly for the reason that GameFreak and Nintendo has been very stingy about letting trainers have the opportunity to catch it.

Shaymin is one of the three Legendaries in the Diamond/Pearl generation NOT being introduced in Diamond and Pearl. (What?!) This was because it is an event-only Pokémon, not having an event in Europe or America until the Platinum version.

The only way to get access to Shaymin was to download Oak’s Letter via Nintendo WFC, which is a Key Item that activates access from Route 224.
Otherwise, owners of Diamond and/or Pearl were able to download a “Special Movie Giveaway”-Shaymin when the movie “Giratina and the Sky Warrior” had its premiere.

Recently it was available to download as a Wi-Fi-Event to Pokémon Rangers: Guardian Signs probably to some special missions. (Sorry, I’ve just played the first Pokémon Ranger game, so i don’t know for sure.)
After completing the special mission, one could transfer the Shaymin to any of the main games.

Shaymin is special for having two different formes! Like Giratina, the second forme was gaven in Platinum and not in Diamond and Pearl. This makes it the only 100-stat Legendary that has two Formes!

However, when changed into the other Forme, also known as the Sky Forme, its stats changes! It goes from a 100-stat Legendary to a non-100-stat Legendary? Well, yes and no – the stats on Shaymin’s Sky Forme sums up to 600, like its original Land Forme and the rest.

To get the Sky Forme Shaymin, you had to get another (!) item. This item, however, is not WFC based fortunately: When successfully having caught Shaymin, just go to Floaroma Town and talk to a blond woman outside when having Shaymin in the party. She will then give the trainer a Gracidea Flower.
Shaymin changes from Land Forme to Sky Forme when the Gracidea Flower is used during the day. At the evening Shaymin will revert to its original Land Forme and won’t change until morning arrives again. Technically, this means that Sky Forme Shaymin is available between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Also, if Shaymin gets frozen solid it will revert to its Land Forme.

Shaymin is also known to have a different cry, depending on its Forme, which is unusual for any Pokémon, Formes or not Formes. This cry is not available to be checked in the gen IV Pokédex, because it’s impossible to have a Sky Forme Shaymin as the first encounter on the Pokedex.
Strangely enough Pikachu is also known for having a different cry than it normally has. In Pokémon Yellow, the Pikachu given as a starter Pokémon had been taken from Ikue Ohtani herself as to reseble the anime cry.
In Black and White, however, both cries if Shaymin can be checked  in the Pokédex.

Another thing notable about the Shaymin that can be caught within the game is that it is listed as “A fateful encounter”, even though it really should be listed as “Caught in Flower Paradise”.
This is actually as to differ from the Shaymin encoded in Diamond and Pearl that cannot change Forme. Why? Because, someone found a glitch in the games that could take the trainer from Veilstone City to Flower Paradise so no WFC event was necessary. So GameFreak and Nintendo simply disallowed the cheaters to get the special Sky Forme.

So let’s all be grateful for the Shaymin that is legally caught. After all it is the Gratitude Pokémon!