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What really happened to Brock?

May 12, 2011

I’m still here, even though it gets longer and longer between the posts.
Between all the studying, I find time to play som ‘mon and stuff. (It’s really between all the gaming I find time to some studying, but who’s noticing?)

Here the other day, I was out and about in the 5th dimension (commonly called Internet).  I don’t know how it lead up to it, but I ended up reading about Professor Ivy.
“Professor who?”, you say?

Well, Professor Felina Ivy, which is her whole name, has never been in any of the Pokémon games, but has starred in the anime. She is a good friend and colleague with Professor Oak.
When Ash, Misty, Brock and Tracy meet her on Valencia Island, in the episode “Pokéball Peril”, they have just started on their Orange Island journey.  Professor Ivy has found a special ball known as the GS Ball, but despite all her efforts and equipments, she fails to open the GS Ball, so she asks Ash the task to deliver the enigmatic Pokéball to Professor Oak.

Pokéfans who’ve played Gold, Silver or Crystal verisons for Game Boy, might have heard about the GS Ball. Whether or not, it’s not hard to tell what the initials mean, especially with the colours of the GS Ball.
Within the games, the GS Ball allowed access to the rare and exclusive Celebi. This, off course, was only for the Japanese games, and the rest of the world was left without # 251.

Like with any other pretty women, Brock falls in love with Professor Ivy, to the normal utter upset from the others. However, he notices  that Professor Ivy and her three assistant triplets are so focused in their work, that they have neglected most of the household tasks, which leaves Brock to deal with it.

When Ash and co. are about to leave, Brock surprisingly chooses to stay with Professor Ivy and the others as her house keeping assistant and leaves Ash, Misty and Tracy to go without him.

Brock doesn’t join the gang again, until the Johto journey starts, and then it is the good old gang again with himself, Ash and Misty.
However, it has clearly happened something with Brock and Professor Ivy during his stay at Valencia island, because he is very reluctant of talking about the Professor.
Every time Professor Ivy’s name is brought up, he curls up in a ball and say “Don’t mention that name!”.

What happened to Brock?!?

It has been a fan favourite to speculate about, no doubt.
Maybe during his failed attempts of getting closer to Professor Ivy ended in her getting a boyfriend on her own, to Brocks heartbreak. Or maybe he was bound and gagged by the professor, with a little help of the assistant triplets.


Will we ever know?