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The banned episodes of today!

February 24, 2010

Well, today I’m gonna go double up in the banned episodes!

That is basically due to the reason for the episodes, seperate from each other, being banned based on the same reason.

I’ll start in the chronological order, starting with the one of the two that was first aired, which is the episode number 19 “Tentacool and Tentacruel”.

The gang is still at Porta Vista (the same place as “Beauty and the Beach”) waiting for a boat ride to their next destination when they notice a beaten up Horsea at the port. The Horsea is trying to alarm them of something ominous drawing close by making drawings with its ink on the water’s surface, but the gang don’t understand what Horsea is trying to signal.

Misty’s passion for Water Pokémon wakes up right away and she wants to catch the Horsea, when they suddenly hear a loud explosion which is coming from a large ship. They use their Pokémon to rescue the crew on the ship. One of them is Nastina, (who, as a matter of fact, looks just like Brutella who helped Team Rocket in “Beauty and the Beach”), who wants to build a resort and get rid of the Tentacools that are ruining her project.

Off course, Team Rocket shows up and get in ahead of the gang and tries to get rid of them for Nastina, but then the Tentacools strikes back and one of them evolves into Tentacruel. All the Tentas heads for the city and start rampaging and still Nastina wont give in. What are the gang going to do now?

The other banned episode is named “The Tower of Terror”. Perhaps you see the connection between the episodes now?

Well, I’m going to write a synopsis of that episode too, before I go further:

This happens a little bit after the previous one. Ash and co. are in Lavender town after the loss against the gym leader Sabrina and now he’s off to catch a Pokémon able to beat her in battle. And in Lavender town they’re going to the Pokémon Tower, which is rumoured to be haunted. Brock and Misty refuses to go inside the tower and leaves Ash and Pikachu for the task.

In the tower, they have to deal with a mischievous trio which consist of Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. Can Ash manage to catch one of the Ghost Pokémon so he is able to defeat Sabrina?

Well the thing these two episodes have in common is that they both were banned in the U.S. after 9/11. “Tentacool and Tentacruel” was banned because of the rampaging and destroying of tall buildings in a busy metropole. “The Tower of Terror” was banned because… you’ve guessed it – the episode title.’

However after some time (years) these episodes’ bans were lifted. There is even one more episode banned based on the same reasons as these two, but that will probably be posted later.

It’s strange that the anime maker decided to name the Ghost Pokémon episode “The Tower of Terror”, when they could’ve easily name it for example “The Tower of Horror”. It would probably not make any difference for the ban.


Banned episodes: Beauty and the Beach

February 12, 2010

Today I have a real treat for you dug up from all the banned episodes!

It gets you thinking about why Nintendo, or those who make all the Pokémon episodes, really did broadcast this episode in the first place. It’s just… wrong! That’s the only word I can describe it with.

The episode is called “Beauty and the Beach” and is about the gang arriving at a sunny and warm beach. They quickly go swimming and after that borrows a speedboat. When I say ‘borrow’, I mean that Ash thought Brock borrowed it and vice versa, so Ash simply decided to start it. At the sea they collide with a sub-Magikarp steered by Team Rocket.

They end up with having to pay up for the boat they illegally borrowed and crashed, and have to earn quick money and finally they end up signing Misty up for a beauty contest. So does Team Rocket – both Jessie and James!

For the beauty contest, James have put on a suit with inflatable breasts! Inflatable breast!!

So all the boys lucky watching it the first or second time probably had their jaw gaping and the parents probably choked their morning coffee.

However, that was not all the dirty James did. In front of Misty and Jessie he inflated the breasts even more and does a pose! And that is still not all, I say! While doing this he says something to Misty going: “Maybe when you’re older, you’ll have a chest like this!”

Seriously!!! Pure sexual harassment of a minor, and this episode actually got a rerun! Just once, but that’s one to many don’t you think?

I’m not any better so here is the infamous clip! There aren’t subtitles, but do we really need any? Enjoy! xD

Banned episode: Holiday Hi-Jynx

January 25, 2010

Well the posts are getting more and more regular now, so why not continue on that track.

So I thought I might add another Banned Episode post, because banned episodes are just hilarious sometimes. And “Holiday Hi-Jynx” is just one of those banned episode which fits in the cathegory “hilarious”.

The episode isn’t hilarious in the episode-rather-sucked-way. No, it is just the reason for it being banned that is hilarious. And for the record it was banned and then set later in the season.

Before we go to the why-it-was-banned-and-aired-later-in-the-season-section of the post, I will tell a bit more about the episode plot. It was one of the two special Christmas-episodes to be sent.

In the episode Jessie wants vendetta against Santa Clause himself, because of a Christmas experience she had in her childhood, where she was waiting for Santa to bring presents. While pretending to be asleep, a Jynx arrived and did nothing but steal her favourite doll and that resulted into Jessie stopping believing in Santa and in her current life trying to set a plan to catch Jynx or Santa to get her revenge… and probably her doll back.

Meanwhile Ash and co sees a Jynx holding a single boot that belongs to Santa, which eventually leads them to help Jynx getting back to the North Pole by building a raft pulled by their water Pokémon. They eventually get help from a Lapras that can talk telepathically. Finally they reach the North Pole, when Team Rocket shows up and puts sticks in their wheels and take the gang and eventually Santa as hostages.

Ooh, is Christmas cancelled, just because Jessie wanted her revenge? Off course not, but I’m not spoiling anything.

Well, the reason for “Holiday Hi-Jynx” being banned in the first place was because Jynx had pitch-black skin and was accused of being racial for that cause, as it looked like an impression of an African woman. Tsk, tsk, tsk! One simply mustn’t have any such trifle! That’s at least about the same lines the ones that accused Jynx for being racial. (They were probably white, themselves.)

Racial?? Really?!  African living on the North Pole?? Seriously! And please note that this is not meant as a racial comment from me either, but Mother Earth herself has placed Africa geographically in disadvantage for any Africans to ever live in natural habitats on the North Pole. The South Pole however can be discussed.

So Nintendo’s Pokémon anime section had to remove the episode and airbrush Jynx to a darker purple colour instead. And, oh, they had to Christmas Special episodes, so they took away the other one as well, to place them both later in the series. It seems very strange as Ash suddenly has a Charmander again and not the fully evolved Charizard from the previous episode. They just simply couldn’t place the episodes in the order they really should have been.

And there the to reasons for the “banning” of the episodes seems just to be hilarious!

Here’s a clip from the episode! Enjoy! 😀

Electric Soldier Porygon

January 13, 2010

As most people know, the Poké-business contains more than just the games. Toys, trading cards and a tv-show still going strong (meh…) ever since the late nineties! I saw the first episodes at the start of 2000, though.

Anyways, there is perhaps one episode that is famous, or let’s say infamous for not being shown outside of Japan, because it triggered epileptic-like seizures to Japanese kids! It even stands as a record in the Guinness Book of World Records saying that at the date of December 16th 1997, over 700 children got the seizures and 208 children from the age of 3 and up got sent to hospital.

Just because they watched the episode Electric Soldier Porygon!


The episode is about the gang (Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock) trying to repair a machine for transferring Pokémon to a computer. It turns out that Team Rocket has stolen Porygon, able to travel in cyberspace, from Professor Ahkibara who made the system. So the gang travels with his other Porygon to prevent Team Rocket stealing other Pokémon with their stolen Porygon.

Porygon and its predecessors (or evolutions if you like) were forever banned from any episodes in the Pokémon series for all time to come and go! All for a few seconds of flashing colours occuring in that episode.

The funny thing is: It’s not even Porygon’s fault (none of them in fact!)! Pikuchu is the one to blame! Pikachu is the one who causes the flashing of red and blue, that triggered all the seizures! Still… Porygon became the goat to blame and Porygon 2 or Porygon-Z have never had and will never have their 20 minutes of fame!

So why did Nintendo and co. ban Porygon?

Because the other option was probably to ban Pikachu, and for Nintendo removing the Pokémon mascot in the first season of the Pokémon series would result into an economic suicide!

Just imagine: Pikachu is getting banned, the viewers ban the show, the popularity of Pokémon would fall faster than one can say “Gotta catch’em all!”, all the spin-off products would go off the market and any further games would be a complete failure! That includes the Gold and Silver versions!! And well, this blog would never be made! (Yeah, imagine that! *sarcasm*)

So banning Porygon was the easiest way out of the bogmire for Nintendo, considering the options.

Here is the part of the episode that caused the seizures found on youtube. As it hasn’t been banned from youtube and as I have seen the clip myself without getting anything as a headache, I assume it does not cause any seizures.

But even so; be warned as it still is not risk free for causing seizures.