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Pokémon Black and White out in US!

March 7, 2011

This Sunday was the day that Black and White Versions were released in the US!

Speaking of the US, the Unova region is said to be far from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, which resebles parts of Japan. The Unova region is actually resembling New York and the area surrounding the metropolis. So what better way to mark the US release on this blog than to have a picture of the Unova map!

This may also mark the day that many starts at generation V and probably leave generation IV. Not me, though. As blogged just recently, telling about my unfinished business back there.

Even though I feel that it’s good to have a brand new start, the new generation really took me on surprise. I really can’t believe that the Diamond/Pearl generation actually was introduced four  years ago.

The D/P generation is said by many to be the weakest generation so far, but I’ve actually recently reached 999:59  in gameplay time on my Diamond save file (yeah yeah, it’s a little embarrasing), being the game I’ve played the most.

Let’s not forget, however, that this generation brought in the physical/special split system, which really lifted the battle system, and promoted some Pokémon with new evolutions – Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Roserade among others. And let’s not forget the connectivity with the rest of the world!

Diamond and Pearl had som good tunes as well. Just like on Route 216 and 217.

Notice that Diamond, Pearl and Platinum have a little different version of each Route and City depending on the time of the day.


One week left until a new generation starts!

February 25, 2011

There’s lass than a week left until the brand new games are going to be released in Europe and only a few days later in America.

Nintendo and Game Freak has done a lot to prepare us fans for the new games. As I’ve already blogged about, the Legendary Dogs, Raikou, Entei and Suicune have all been available for download. Suicune is still up for downloading until sunday (27.02.11) so get it while it lasts!

When you’ve got all three of these Legendaries by the end of February, you can eventually transfer them onto either Pokémon Black or White Versions.
By doing this you’re able to get the special Zoroark with the wicked ability Illusion, which makes an illusion of the Pokémon that is last in the Pokémon team.

At the same time Celebi is available in game stores around Europe and USA!

The only Pokémon that are missing from the Pokédex to legally complete the Pokedex (on Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and/or SoulSilver) is Deoxys and Arceus.

Deoxys were actually available to transfer from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs on a handful of conditions: Firstly, downloading a mission from the Nintendo WFC, then, secondly, do the mission – with another friend. As if it weren’t difficult enough to get a Wi-Fi connection suitable for the DS, you had to convince a friend to spend a lot of money on a game he or she probably wouldn’t have any self interest in.

And then it was Arceus. All was set ready for Arceus in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. There were different Plates to be found that were designed for Arceus’s Multitype ability. All Nintendo needed to do was to give away the Azure Flute item over WFC, but alas. There weren’t any…

Please get me right. I’ve been more than happy ever since I got Celebi for the very first time in my ten years of playing the Pokémon games. The thing is: I want to fully and LEGALLY complete the Pokédex on my games.

On the Diamond version I’m less than 20 Pokémon away from reaching that goal and that includes both Deoxys and Arceus. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone about this goal either. So close!

Despite my hopes of getting these tiny bits of data really hang thread as thin as a spider’s, remember that a spider’s thread is more robust than steel! And hopefully there will be events for old ‘mons in Pokémon Black and White too!


My prayers have been heard!

February 17, 2011

This is just historical!!

Alongside the Legendary Beast Trio of Johto, Nintendo is clearly in a good mood before releasing the new games that opens the door for a new generation! (Has the sales number hit the sky in Japan? Good reviews?)

Nonetheless, while the Wi-Fi Event is all about the Beasts, Nintendo has an event going on in stores around Europe. And that event is nothing less than historical!

For the first time in Europe ever, Celebi is given away!!! CELEBI!


Here is a list of countries where Celebi is available:,_around_globe


Celebi is deemed by many as the rarest Pokémon ever: It has never been released outside of Japan and the United States legally – until now! Japan hashad a few Events since back in Generation II where Celebi was introduced and U.S. had a single event with Generation III due to the 10th anniversary celebration of the Pokémon games.

This Celebi is not only special because of its rarity. It also unlocksa special story in HeartGold and SoulSilver versions including Giovanni – the leader of Team Rocket back in the Red, Blue and Yellow versions. That’s all I’m saying (and mostly all I know).

And not only that: when transferred to the upcoming games, Celebi makes it possible to get Zorua! A Pokémon I blogged about last year which, along with its evolution (Zoroark), has a very cool ability called Illusion, which makes it transform into one of the opponents Pokémon.

Seriously; it’s like someone working for Nintendo has been reading my blog and my woes! (Mr. Miyamoto-san, is that you?) Suddenly my prayers about the Pokémon games. And when Europe gets the new games even before America, which has never happened before…

Now go get the Celebi while the offer lasts!

(Note that I’m not responsible for content in external links, and while I’m at this serious part; I disclaim any ownership or responsibility of all pictures posted on this blog, the pictures have been taken via google.)

Pokéjournal # 2

May 18, 2010

Well, I should really blog a bit more often, but it’s a bit hard when you actually have to make an effort of finding one to call your own.

Anyway and anyhow, I will blog when I have a computer to use, like… now!

It’s been a long time since I even have blogged a journal of my progress in the different games.

Starting with Diamond: I’m still trying to fill in my Pokédex, but paused in the quest to train up Milotic and Yanmega up to lv. 60. Finally Yanmega knows Bug Buzz, which means it’s more powerful now. It was a playing hell without Bug Buzz on it. Now Charmander is at the top of my team, heping me fill up my Pokédex. However, I do hesitate to evolve it, as I am concidering training some of the other ‘mons first… but what the hell…!

In Platinum I have caught the Giratina in Distortion World, which was an epic battle to remember in Pokéhistory. That is actually now become a little while ago, so I have just reached Sunyshore City to take on the Gym Leader there.

In SoulSilver I have fought Team Rocket in the Slowpoke Well and cleared the Azalea Town Gym, which have got a nice makeover. Goldenrod City is the current city I’m in and…oh sigh, the music… In Silver version the Goldenrod music was very tranquil, but in its remake it’s more like the busy and big city it relly is, not a bad word to the Gameboy Color music!

To make up for the lack of the tranquility in Goldenrod, Game Freak has made a good new version of the National Park, theme… Oh, beautiful… *sniff*

Really one of their best compositions – ever!!! Just listen!