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A handful of other games currently playing on Wii

July 28, 2010

I like this category a lot, because I can write so much about other games than Pokémon (not a bad thing said about the ‘mons, though).

The, let’s see… four games are mostly being played on the Wii, but there is one on the Nintendo DS, which will be posted next time, as this can be a long post.

Since there are so many games being played on the Wii at the moment, I think I’ll start with them.

The first one is Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City.

Animal Crossing was originaly for the Nintendo 64 in Japan, but it wasn’t until later on that it came to the rest of the world. That was in 2004, and the Nintendo 64 had long since been replaced by the GameCube, so when Animal Crossing came to GameCube, a little graphic enhancement came with the package. AC: LGttC follows the original game(s) and especially the DS version almost by the spot.

The game is about moving to a town and get to know the neighbours and other villagers, go fishing, bug catching, picking fruits or shells, plant fruits, dig fossils, selling items (including fish, bugs, fruit, fossils and/or shells) to pay the mortage of the players house or to go shop for new clothes or furniture.

It sounds perhaps a bit dull, but it can be very addictive. Besides this, there are special days to be celebrated, villagers that has favours, and some people that visits the town once in a while, and a museum to fill up with bugs, fish, fossils and paintings, so there’s a lot to be done.

As said, this can be very addictive or maybe you just leave the game after a few days, because of the lack of patience. When it comes to me, I can play for several hours at a time, but then after a while (a couple of weeks, months or maybe even a year), I find no willpower to play it and go for another game instead.

The other thing with AC: Let’s Go to the city is that it is repetitive, not just in the game play, but also that it’s too much like it’s previous games. The “Let’s Go to the City”-part is only a city SQUARE! You have to give me more than that to make a new game, or else it’s basically the same!

And the next game is Super Mario Galaxy 2!!

Simply wonderful! Amazing courses (also called Galaxies), beautiful music, cool characters, awesome features added and also a trip down memory lane with courses from not only SMGalaxy, but even Super Mario 64!! Still not convinced? See the video below!

The last of the Wii games for now is Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4!

Lego has made games with other famous movies before. Indiana Jones, Batman are both on that list, and let’s not forget about the epic Lego Star Wars, which has many fans out there!

Lego people do not talk, but the story tells itself… at least for Harry Potter fans such as my self. For others not familiar with Harry Potter, it might be more difficult to know what’s really happening, as the game is skipping many things as the story goes. Then it probably doesn’t help that the characters don’t speak.

What do I know anyway? I just happen to know the storyline because I’ve read the books and watched the movies. It is just a theory and not a fact that non-fans won’t get the game, but one fact is clear: This is how a Harry Potter game is supposed to be made! Got that, EA?!


Get ready for some Jirachi fest!!

June 26, 2010

Nintendo continues to surprise us! Just after the E3 conference Nintendo is obviously getting bored from the anti-climax the following monday gave them. “Now what?”, Shigeru Miyamoto probably said.

With Galaxy 2 released, what could be said about Metroid: Other M was said, the title to the newest Zelda game – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (can’t… wait… *crave*) was published and they want to keep their cards to their hands for now about further details, and the 3DS was finally brought into the light with titles as Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus and even a remake of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!!!!

Was there anything else?

Ok, so Pokémon Black/White versions are not release titles for the 3DS. Alas! Still I think Miyamoto and the others had us Pokéfans in mind this week when another amazing Nintendo Event became available for all five Pokémon games on the DS!!!

From this date on (June 26th 2010) to July 16th everyone who owns a DS, DSi or a DSi XL with either Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver and has a Internet broadband connection and a Wi-Fi USB cable can download a special Jirachi to each cartridge you own!

For me it means three Jirachis!! Yes, I have them all in their respective cartridge on Diamond, Platinum and SoulSilver. Actually I have two Jirachis on Diamond, as I’ve got one from my friend’s Ruby game. But I haven’t stolen it! I simply transferred a Jirachi from Pokémon Channel, which was MY game, so technically it was mine from the start.

This Jirachi is special in many ways.

1. Make a Wish with JIRACHI! is the first Nintendo Wi-Fi Event available for all five Pokémon DS games!

2. The Jirachi will unlock a special PokéWalker Course called Night Sky’s Edge where Pokémon like Clefairy and Jigglypuff are available, and items like Moon Stone and TM29 Psychic!

3. For all battlers out there, this Jirachi is been given the honour to be the only non-Dragon typed Pokémon to possess the special Dragon type move Draco Meteor!!

It’s a real Jirachi fest, I tell ya!

And it’s especially fun since I just got a Mew! More of that will come in the next PokéJournal!

Actually this gives me hopes again for the Arceus Event and the Celebi Event, that are set in the game, only waiting for being activated by Nintendo! It seems as if when one Nintendo Event closes another Nintendo Event opens!

We’ll see…

The new Legendaries of Pokémon Black and White versions!

June 1, 2010

A lot of new stuff has happened since i blogged last time!

The new three starters has been published, with various reactions, off course. (I’m sticking with the Grass starter this time!)

No revolution there as they too are of the traditional Grass, Fire, Water range.

However, some new legendaries has been published, and not just any regular Legendaries (huh?): The Legendaries that will be the mascots of the Black and White versions it is!!Not much is known about these two legendaries, other that that they are Dragon typed, perhaps double typed and that they are named Reshiram and Zekrom.

There is a enormous paradox here, being that Reshiram, the white Legendary is the Black version mascot and Zekrom, the black one is the White version mascot!

What the heck?! So, this is Nintendo or Game Freaks way of taunting the Pokéfans the Pokémon Legendary they can’t get in the game or what?

And what about the designs of the two Legendaries. They look a bit like they have a Dialga/Palkia design, got some feathers and fur and has been painted purely in white and black, respectively. On the other hand, they do have some decency about them. Gold and Silver version theme was “high in the sky”/”deep under water”, Ruby/Sapphire being land-and-sea-themed and Diamond/Pearl was time/space-themed. So… is this theme perhaps (I’m just guessing here) “Light and Darkness”?

We’ll see… Catch ya later!

A little conservative of you, Game Freak!

May 30, 2010

Well, would you look at that! Zoroa and Zoroark are no longer the only Pokémon known of the 5th generation!

The very starters of Pokémon Black and White versions have been published!

To my frustration I can’t find any pictures on google to post on this blog yet, but you can read it all right here:

Their names (in Japanese, as they are so new they haven’t got any English names yet) are respectively Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru!

By respectively I mean in the order Grass, Fire, Water. The way Game Freak always does…

You would almost think that even Game Freak have become tired of having the same starter types through all games, but no!  Just look!

And now, finally for the new starters!

Woooo! They look quite different from the previous starters, maybe except the Grass type, who look a liiittle, teensy tiny bit like Treecko. Like it the best, though…

Other Games I’m Looking Forward to Play…

April 28, 2010

… Oooh! Do I have a real treat for you today! I think it’s time to blog about this game before it’s too late, because this is really going to be the Nintendo Wii game of 2010!!

Have you guessed already? It’s not that difficult.

Yes, this time I’m going to blog about Super Mario Galaxy 2!!

Hoo yeah, Super Mario Galaxy is probably the best game you’ll ever find on Wii. So the big question is: can Super Mario Galaxy 2 live up to its prequel?

Like every Super Mario game it’s starts with Princess Peach being kidnapped by none other than Bowser himself, and like its prequels including Super Mario Galaxy, SMG2 will probably start the same way. Off course, it’s the way Princess Peach is kidnapped that triggers us to continue the game. No? Okay, but it definetly decides the gameplay.

In this intergalactic adventure Mario will jump, double-jump and triple-jump and then some through Galaxies we learned to love from the first game and, off course many new ones.

In SMG 1 (let’s call the first game that!) we could freely pick any Galaxy to hunt after a Star from as long as we had enough Stars to go to those Galaxies. Just the way the worlds was in Super Mario 64. 

In SMG 2, on the other hand, it’s more streamlined in the way that the Galaxies has to be completed one at a time almost like classic Super Mario Bros. and New SMB.

If I’m going to be honest on this point, I will unfortunately say that I don’t like that fact. It makes it too much of a NSMB game style. Still, I think the gameplay will beg to differ!

The sequel brings back Yoshi from Super Mario World and Super Mario Sunshine and even New SMB Wii. And the multicolour formed dinosaur will aid Mario in his adventure with new abilities, like inflate himself up to reach new heights (literally).

There are probably new Lumas and powerups and what’s-nots!

To infinity AND BEYOND!

Other games I’m playing: Sega Mega Drive

March 8, 2010

It is 18 days left today, going towards the two-weeks-border.

So I was feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to play some games I haven’t played since I was little and barely could read (note that I could actually read when I was three years old).

Anyways, I still remember my sister having a Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis in the States) with games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, but there were some other games my sister had that I still remember with nostalgia. The first one was “The World of Illusion starring Mickey and Donald” and the other one was “Quackshot starring Donald Duck”. So the only thing I had to do was to go finding the Sega console and blow some dust out of it.

As it turned out, the Sega Mega Drive, was actually broken and sent to my cousins who are self claimed experts on computers and gadgets. Well one of them has acually studied IT, but it didn’t help as it was soon declared unrepairable.

“I’m sorry… There was nothing we could do…” Okey, it was more like “It’s broken already.” Period! If this wasn’t bad enough, the games I wanted to play was nowhere to be seen.

So there I was with no Sega console and no games, when my brother one day said: “Can’t you just download an emulator on your computer?” And so I did! And so I played!

In World of Illusion, Mickey and Donald discovers a magic door when they practice for a magic show and accidentally fall in the World of Illusion and has to travel through different courses in 2D Super Mario style.

When I was little I called the game “Mickey and Donald”, and it really seemed like a vast game back then. However, as I play it today, some 15 years later, the game is very short and almost too easy to complete. I would have been a little dissapointed if I didn’t embrace myself with the thought that my memory of childhood games are a bit (in lack of other words) deluded.

That way I could still enjoy the game!

The other game, Quackshot is about Donald Duck finding an old map at Uncle Scrooge’s. The map leads to a treasure that will make Donald even richer that his uncle. (Is that even possible?) However Pete (who usually goes after Mickey) is eavesdropping, so he follows Donald when he and his nephews Hewey, Dewey and Louie goes on a plane.

In the game you have to travel in Duckburg, Mexico, Transylvania, the Maharasha in India, a Viking Ship in Scandinavia and the South Pole. It may seem like there are less courses here, than in World of Illusion, but, you have to travel a bit bak and forth between the courses to get access to new areas in them.

Quackshot may not be as straightforward as World of Illusion, which is a good thing in this case as straightforward means as a little plain. In World of Illusion there’s not much variety in the action controls, it’s the basical jump, hit and run. In Quackshot, on the otherhand, there are different weapons to use. World of Illusion has better graphics, at least the backgrounds and the atmosphere, and the music is also very good and really deserve it’s place on the worth-being-nostalgic-about list.

Another game I’m looking forward to play!

February 18, 2010

I totally forgot my blog yesterday, as I was busy with things, but today I’m having a post which I haven’t had in a while now. It’s other-games-I’m-looking-forward-to-play-post!

Here the other day I was reading the January issue of N-Gamer, which I had read a lot the last couple of weeks. However, I noticed a game in the magazine that I had totally ignored before! “Last Window: Midnight Promise”!

Okay, the title doesn’t say much, and that was probably the reason why I had ignored it for so long, but when I looked more closely at the pictures, there was a familiar face: Kyle Hyde!

Doesn’t ring a bell to you? Well, then you haven’t played Hotel Dusk: Room 215!

Hotel Dusk was a game about a former member of the New York Police Department and now a salesman for a company called Red Crown, but is still looking for a colleague of his: Brian Bradley. The year is 1979, and the place is at an inn called Hotel Dusk somewhere near Los Angeles, California. At Hotel Dusk he finds himself embroiled in a mystery of lies, betrayal, a series of strange events, strange people with stories of their own and… someone has checked in at the inn before him… with his name.

In the new game to be released, however, little is known, as the story is the main concept of the game.

What is known is that the game is taking place one year after its predecessor, this time in Los Angeles at the Cape West Apartments and if you’re that lousy at math, I can say that the year is 1980. Well I basically mentioned that, just to state that Kyle Hyde has stepped into the 1980’s (without any sudden desires of new haircuts and wearing pastel).

The game was just released in Japan a month ago, so if we’re going to calculate the European release date (which is still TBA) by comparing to the Heart Gold and Soul Silver, which were released in this fall in Japan around September, Last Window wont be in the stores until July or August.

Off course, Last Window has not, in my opinion, got the same prestige as Heart Gold and Soul Silver, so maybe they are released earlier. On the other hand, there is a lot of text to be translated for sure, so there is a lot of jobs to be done.

Other games I’m playing

February 10, 2010

Well, it’s time for another post of the games I’m playing. This time it’s the games I’m playing on Wii!

Let’s start with New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

Nintendo had so much success with the first New Super Mario Bros. game for DS, so they decided to make almost the same game for Wii. In addition to the console conversion they also decided to make room for more players to join (also to replace the mini-game part that was on the DS game).

The storyline is the same old. Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser and Mario has to to go through all the worlds to save her. Nothing new there, but still works just fine. Nintendo knows their audience and make more of the gameplay.

Nonetheless, other than improved graphics to be approved for the Wii, there isn’t much difference from the DS game (if you don’t count the new power-ups).

Apart from NSMB Wii, I also play The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!

A brilliant game if I must say so myself. And also I can cross that Zelda game of the list of Zelda games yet to play.

It happens right after the end of Ocarina of Time with Link travelling through a forest with Epona. Suddenly a kid wearing a mask and two fairies appears and scares Epona away. Link chases them, but ends up being stuck as a Deku!

The special thing about this Zelda game is that it’s time based. You get 72 Hyrulean hours (as they aren’t more than a real hour combined) until a moon is crashing into Hyrule with the Clock Town in the centre.

The fact that this Zelda game is on the clock is criticized by some Zelda fans as a bit stressful, but to me it seems to work quite good. I haven’t been through any temples yet, mind. Still a brilliant game so far.

Oh, and if you wondered why I would write about a Nintendo 64 game playing on the Wii, it’s because it’s downloadable from Wii Shop Channel.

Other games I’m currently playing!

January 26, 2010

Well, as promised here is my post about the other games I’m currently playing. It’s a no poké-post today!

Well, starting off with the Nintendo DS games, in which I play the most, it’s “Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice”!

“Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (from now on referred to as AA:AJ) is an attorney game. You are a fresh-educated lawyer named Apollo Justice, which have been given the task of defending his clients in cases that seemingly points out them being guilty.

It’s a point-and-click-game with a lot of dialogue and a lot of opportunities to shout in the mic things like “Hold it!”, “Objection!” and “Take that!” (well basically just those three). And also yoo have to visit different locations to receive facts and evidence and ask out people about the crime that occured.

It’s storyline it wide, as there are a lot of stories going on, and basically is the main column of the game apart from the gaming itself, because the game is about to get the whole truth of the stories about the crimes. And they are very good stories as well, and the sudden turnabaouts of the stories are really good!

And the other non-pokégame I’m playing for DS is… *drumrolls* The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks!

An amazing adventure RPG game and a must-buy for the DS! The graphics are quite nice, the music just simply wonderful and the gameplay…! Oh, don’t make me go there, because then I’ll go on forever talking about it. Sorry, I mean PRAISING it!! Off course, every Zelda games are to be praised both classical and theyæve got style! (Maybe except the first sequel, in which we won’t talk about right now)

Anyways… You control the Hero of Time aka Link, which, in this game, is a to-be-graduated train engineer. In the Hyrule Castle he gets graduated by none other than Princess Zelda. However, on his first train trip as an engineer, the tracks vaporizes! Link and his fellow companion goes back to the Castle and Zelda joins Link along the way to the Spirit Tower.

In front of the Tower they meet the Chancellor Cole, who seemed very suspicious when Link first met him, and, well, yeah, Chancellor Cole is up to no good. He summons Ghost Train and seemingly hurls a sinister blob of black magic that takes all life out of Zelda. However, Zelda is not dead, although her body is lifeless and kidnapped by Cole. Link can se her although nobody else can.

And that is how the Spirit Tracks adventure starts, Zelda joining Link on his adventure for a change. As the other games, Spirit Tracks is both classical, epic and innovative in its own way 😀

Other games I’m looking forward to: Golden Sun DS

January 20, 2010

Well now that the posts are turning more permanent, I feel more and more bound to this blog! 🙂

Today’s game I’m looking forward to play is the first Golden Sun game coming to DS. I can’t believe it’s been almost six years ago since I first played Golden Sun 2, or Golden Sun: The Lost Age as its real name is. I’m typical that way, playing he sequels first and then go over playing the first game.

I did it already with my very first own game: Pokémon! (suprised much?) I started with Pokémon Silver version, before I the next year eventually bought the Blue Version. I did the same with Zelda; got caught in the Zelda trap with A Link to the Past and just recently I downloaded The Legend of Zelda (the first game) and have almost cleared the game.

Likewise I played the sequel of Golden Sun before I borrowed the first Golden Sun game from a friend of mine last year. Golden Sun 2 was, and is still, a beautiful game, both with graphics, storyline and gaming. Golden Sun was just as beautiful, so the anticipation pulse is high for Golden Sun DS!

As what I have seen from the trailer, the graphics looks beautiful, and things looks familiar in a good nostalgic way, without looking too much like the old games. There is still little to tell about the new game as the gameplay is still a mystery. Nevertheless, it is one of the 2010 DS games I will have in my possesion by at leastthe end of the year, but hopefully and most probably when it comes out.

Oh temptation thy is Nintendo games with a release date in 2010…

Here’s a trailer of Golden Sun DS! *Angelchoir*