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Pokémon Black and White out in US!

March 7, 2011

This Sunday was the day that Black and White Versions were released in the US!

Speaking of the US, the Unova region is said to be far from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, which resebles parts of Japan. The Unova region is actually resembling New York and the area surrounding the metropolis. So what better way to mark the US release on this blog than to have a picture of the Unova map!

This may also mark the day that many starts at generation V and probably leave generation IV. Not me, though. As blogged just recently, telling about my unfinished business back there.

Even though I feel that it’s good to have a brand new start, the new generation really took me on surprise. I really can’t believe that the Diamond/Pearl generation actually was introduced four  years ago.

The D/P generation is said by many to be the weakest generation so far, but I’ve actually recently reached 999:59  in gameplay time on my Diamond save file (yeah yeah, it’s a little embarrasing), being the game I’ve played the most.

Let’s not forget, however, that this generation brought in the physical/special split system, which really lifted the battle system, and promoted some Pokémon with new evolutions – Magnezone, Porygon-Z, Roserade among others. And let’s not forget the connectivity with the rest of the world!

Diamond and Pearl had som good tunes as well. Just like on Route 216 and 217.

Notice that Diamond, Pearl and Platinum have a little different version of each Route and City depending on the time of the day.


Pokémon Black and White has been released!

March 4, 2011

Today marks the day that a brand new generation of Pokémon starts!
I have got myself a copy of Pokémon Black Version and so far it has only impressed!
I’ve been concerned about the graphics, seeing most of the screenshots in close-up, but the battles are more dynamic than before, or, actually dynamic as never before!


With Pokémon Black and White, Game Freak has promised better communication with trainers all over the world, and puts the Friend Code system introduced eith Diamond and Pearl at the sideline.

With Black and White, a new start for the franchise is introduced with all new Pokémon. It’s a bold decision, but it sure works!

One week left until a new generation starts!

February 25, 2011

There’s lass than a week left until the brand new games are going to be released in Europe and only a few days later in America.

Nintendo and Game Freak has done a lot to prepare us fans for the new games. As I’ve already blogged about, the Legendary Dogs, Raikou, Entei and Suicune have all been available for download. Suicune is still up for downloading until sunday (27.02.11) so get it while it lasts!

When you’ve got all three of these Legendaries by the end of February, you can eventually transfer them onto either Pokémon Black or White Versions.
By doing this you’re able to get the special Zoroark with the wicked ability Illusion, which makes an illusion of the Pokémon that is last in the Pokémon team.

At the same time Celebi is available in game stores around Europe and USA!

The only Pokémon that are missing from the Pokédex to legally complete the Pokedex (on Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and/or SoulSilver) is Deoxys and Arceus.

Deoxys were actually available to transfer from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs on a handful of conditions: Firstly, downloading a mission from the Nintendo WFC, then, secondly, do the mission – with another friend. As if it weren’t difficult enough to get a Wi-Fi connection suitable for the DS, you had to convince a friend to spend a lot of money on a game he or she probably wouldn’t have any self interest in.

And then it was Arceus. All was set ready for Arceus in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. There were different Plates to be found that were designed for Arceus’s Multitype ability. All Nintendo needed to do was to give away the Azure Flute item over WFC, but alas. There weren’t any…

Please get me right. I’ve been more than happy ever since I got Celebi for the very first time in my ten years of playing the Pokémon games. The thing is: I want to fully and LEGALLY complete the Pokédex on my games.

On the Diamond version I’m less than 20 Pokémon away from reaching that goal and that includes both Deoxys and Arceus. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone about this goal either. So close!

Despite my hopes of getting these tiny bits of data really hang thread as thin as a spider’s, remember that a spider’s thread is more robust than steel! And hopefully there will be events for old ‘mons in Pokémon Black and White too!


Happy new year! (Too late for that one, no?)

February 1, 2011

It has been waaay too long since last post!

It’s not that I’ve been in coma from the exams I’ve had – my computer has been, though…!

A LOT has happened since my long month of absence!

The first I want to say is that I think I’ve been heard through the blog, because all of a sudden Nintendo seems to be more kind to us Europeans than ever before!

I’ll base this statement on the fact that Europe has got a release date for Pokémon Black & White Versions!!! And that is before the games are released in the US!!

The release date will be on March 4th!! And as we’re getting close to the release, a lot of English Pokénames are being revealed! Some better than others, off course. Will blog about this later!

Nintendo is going to celebrating the new generation games by having the first event directly for Pookémon Black and White!

On the release day, there is going to be a WiFi-event where Black and White players are able to download Liberty Ticket, which gives access to the special Victini, a legendary Pokémon similiar to Mew & Legendary Co.!

And for you who, like me, are still playing the DS-games, some WiFi-events are just around the corner. The Legendary canines, Raikou, entei and Suicune, are to be able for download from February. One for each of the  three weeks starting February 7th with Raikou, then February 14th with Entei and ending with Suicune at february 21st. These are, in addition to be Legendary, in fact shiny!!

The deal with them is to transfer them to Black and/or White versions when that time comes, so a special Zoroark is available in the new games!

The best thing with these events? They are available in all the DS Versions: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver!!

As if that wasn’t enough, Nintendo has a special gift in March for us Europeans which I’m going to blog about a little later on.

When I think about it…

September 16, 2010

Some time ago, I made a bad-list for the next generation Pokémon gameget s and I promised I would make another list to make up for it – a pro-list!

There has been some months since Pokémon Black and White versions was revealed, so a lot of new stuff about the games has been revealed as well. If you assume for one instance that I simply detest these games, I hope these points will get you on other thoughts.

Be aware that the following is full of *spoilers*, so if you really don’t want to know about the games until you have (one of) them in your hands. (What are you doing on the Internet then?! Shoo!)

1. Not all the new Pokémon are that bad.

There are some cool ones in there as well! For example this swan Pokémon currently known under the name Swana, looks very nice.

There is also a new Pokémon, currently under the name Shikijika, which has a cool added effect… However I will tell more of it further down on the list (because it makes up for a reason to ge the new games). Anyways, there are many cool Pokémons already revealed and definetly more to come!

Also there are some new cool type-combos, like Dragon/Ice,  and there is actually a Pokémon that is pure Flying type!!!

2. Clearer differences between the versions.

If we look at the version-difference history, we see that the difference is mostly what kind of Pokémon that can be caught.  However, in Black and White, the versions will be more significally different from each other: There is a certain city that will be hi-tech in the Black version, but sort of ancient-like in the White version.

It's more than the cover that is different between these games.

This is what is known so far about the version differences (and that there will be some version exclusive Pokémon as always).

3. The wi-fi system in B/W is supposedly better.

The wi-fi function was introduced in the 4th generation, giving it an addition that lifted up the concept to a new level; now the world’s greatest trainer could really could be decided. (Well probably not, because there is too many Pokémon players out there  to find the best one).

In the 5th generation, the wi-fi features are more accessible both as how to reach the features within the game and reach other trainers for battle better that the previous generation.

The wi-fi features includes Global Link (battle, trade, etc.), a new feature called Dream World which supposedly have some wi-fi features, like special Pokémon. If supported with the upcoming 3DS, Pokémon Black & White will probably be even easier to get online with.

4. Cooler additional features!

Perhaps these games go a little longer than the previous ones. The last two generations have introduced weather effects on-location. With this I mean different routes with heavy rain, sandstorm, fog or wintery hail. However, in the newest game yet to come, there are actually a season cycle!! Each season last for a month before going over to the next season. This is where Shikijika come in the picture as it is a Pokémon that changes its look according to the season.

And there is also a feature called ‘Pokémon Musical’ that seems to replace the Pokémon Contests we know back from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

The new generation brings us Pokéfans tons of new stuff to be happy about! I can’t even get half of it on the list! And now recently more of the games are revealed and it seems that all Pokémon have been revealed as well!!

I was afraid that Black and White versions was going to be a major dissapointment, but it seems that I, once again, have been proven wrong, fortunately.

Until I have one of the version in my hands, it remains to be verified, though.

I think I’m going to be busy from now on checking news about the new forthcoming games, so be sure to check this blog for further details!

Perhaps not…

August 1, 2010

A lot can be said about the new Pokémon games coming next year, both on the good side and the not so good side. I’ve mentioned before that I might restrain from buying the newest versions awaiting. That’s why I’m going to make this blog entry about the con list on buying Black/White. I might even try to con the cons.

1. The graphics haven’t improved much.

I fact it looks more jagged than before and hasn’t improved much since the 3rd generation. Back in the Ruby/Sapphire days, the jump from Game Boy Color to Game Boy Advance was significant. I still remember playing Sapphire for the first time. The graphics left me in awe that lingered for several weeks. The graphic enhancement on D/P left me a little in awe too, but did not even get close to the R/S makeover.

2. It’s the same old you-know-whats.

It seems like Black and White will not distance themselves from the previous games when it comes to the storyline. You are still a male or a female newbie trainer starting from a small quiet town with the opportunity of choosing between three different Pokémon. The Pokémon are Grass, Fire and a Water type Pokémon and you go fight eight different gyms, bla bla…

3. Pokémon pattern

And it’s not just the starters; just compare Rattata/Raticate with Sentret/Furret, Zigzagoon/Linoone and Bidoof/Bibarel. They’re all Normal type, available in the first routes of their respective games and are quite common, evolve early and the evolution is located about midways in the game. And these aren’t the exception; just look at Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot and Starly/Staravia/Staraptor and many more…

Oh, yeah. There it is! This is one of the new Pokémon named Mamepato in Japanese. I’m not sure, but I believe you think like I do, that this is the first evolution of the Normal/Flying family in Black and White.

Game Freak: Enough of these! Why not just re-use them instead of wasting time of making a new gen Pokémon only for this purpose? I mean, you’ve already made them.

Game Freak should really look at what Genius Sonority did, when they made Pokémon Colosseum; they did something a little out of the ordinary by having different starters (Espeon and Umbreon), standardize double battles and “stealing” other trainer’s Pokémon.

With this I don’t mean that Game Freak should do exactly as Genius Sonority, but rather learn from them and start thinking a little outside the box so they can make something different.

4. The design of the new Pokémon doesn’t look that good, to be honest. I really hate to say this, but they look like digimon (no offense against them, though).

It somehow seems that the Pokémakers have run dry of ideas to make new Pokémon… properly. Perhaps it’s just that I’m the traditional this way and like the very first Pokémon better. Any newcomers to the games might just like the new Pokémon for what I know. And not all of them are that bad, and there are still more Pokémon to be published.

And if you think this list really made the new Pokémon games suck, I can assure you that there will be a pro list opposing this post!