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I’ve brought my Pokémania to a new level!

June 6, 2010

This week I have actually started to begin collecting Pokémon Trading Cards – again!

I think it’s about 4 or 5 years ago since I last was serious in collecting  the Trading Cards, but now I’ve gone back to old habits again.

It all started in, let’s see… 2000 actually when a there suddenly was a boom of Pokémon games, cards, candy and what could and couldn’t be sold of Pokémon merchandise (basically ALL Pokéstuff made, were sold). This was a year before I even got my first Pokémon game (Pokémon Silver Version) and I was kinda sceptical to all things involving Pokémon, but soon enough I got the Pokéfever as well. It started with one trading can and, well… never ended.

However, that was ten years ago (omg ten years?!), but it lasted for several years at a time. And now this week again I saw some Booster Packs (as  packs with ten cards are called) of the new TCG series called HeartGold Soulsilver Unleashed. Off course I had to buy that series, based on the two new Pokémon games. Even better, almost all backgrounds on the card illustrations depicts different places  in the two games.

My goal is to get this Pokémon card. It is Lapras frolicking in Union Cave! Beautiful!