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Pokémon to Blog About: the Seafarer and the Sea Drifter

March 3, 2011

This Pokémon to Blog About is going to be about the the Legendary Pokémon that is supposedly born on a cold sea floor and consists of 80% water and – off course – being a Water type Legendary.

It is Manaphy, the Sefaring Pokémon!

Manaphy is one of the two 100-stat Legendaries introduced with generation IV and not available within the games except for special events or gifts from other (spin-off) games.

By being a Water type and consisting mostly of water it gets really affected by environmental changes in oceans, such as pollution increase, or decrease in mineral levels or other substance levels such as CO2. No wonder why it’s so rare. (Well, basically the keyword here is Legendary.)

However, it can use water to its advantage too. Whenever it’s raining, Manaphy can heal itself, by letting pure rain water flow trough its body. This makes it naturally that Manaphy has the ability Hydration, which heals it from status conditions such as paralyze or poison when rain is set as a weather condition, such as using the move Rain Dance, the ability Drizzle or being in an area with rain.

In battle, this gives Manaphy a huge advantage: Not only can it be healed from status inflictions by having rain set in battle, but all Water type moves gain power and all Fire type moves gets weaker.

Also, Manaphy has a signature move called Heart Swap, which makes it switch stat changes with the opponent. This means that whenever the opponent tries to boost stats like Attack or Defense by using Bulk Up, Swords Dance, Iron Defense, Agility, etc., or whenever the opponents tries to lower Manaphy’s by using Growl, Charm, Screech, Fake Tears, etc., Manaphy can switch that with its opponent and use that advantage against it.

Nevertheless, it’s not the signature move that makes Manaphy so special among all the Legendaries. Manaphy is the only Legendary who can produce an offspring!

That’s right! When you put Manaphy in day-care with a Ditto, they’ll eventually make an Egg containing a different Pokémon called Phione – the Sea Drifter!

What happens if you put a Manaphy in Day-Care with Ditto?

Phione is much like Manaphy, being the Water type and having most of the same movepool. However, its stats are much lower being over all 80, and lacks Manaphy’s Heart Swap and Tail Glow.

Is has been very much discussed, whether Phione is a Legendary itself, having low stats (for a Legendary) and being able to breed and produce more Phiones. The last statement also questions its rarity, as there is, theoretically, no limits of how many Phiones you can get. But the supreme forces themselves have announced that Phione is a Legendary (just after they announced that it isn’t)!

Nonetheless, if Phione is a Legendary, then it is the weakest Legendary of all time!

Manaphy is known as the Seafaring Pokémon because it is known for swimming long distances to return to the place it was born, while Phione is known as the Sea Drifter Pokémon, because it uses a floatation sac on its head to drift around in the sea and, as Manaphy, makes it destination back to where it was born.

Now, I almost forgot: How do you get Manaphy?

Manaphy is one of the Legendaries of Generation IV not available within any of the RPG-games. In Japan Manaphy has recently been available through a Wi-Fi Event, and otherwise in Europe and US it has been available in the very first Pokémon Ranger game.

Once the main story of Pokémon Ranger is cleared, a “Special Mission”-option is available in the main menu, where, once entered, you have to write a password for a secret mission. Then you have to clear a mission about a newly-found egg stolen by the Go-Rock Squad.

The password and all about the mission can be read here:


When you wish upon a ‘Rachi!

December 19, 2010

I’m not talkin’ about any form of ‘Rachi! I’m talkin’ about the JI-rachi! Or actually Jirachi!

It’s another Pokémon to be blogged about, continuing on my 100-stats-Lagendaries.

Jirachi was introduced in Ruby and Sapphire, or more correctly in that generation as it was not available by only having one or both of the versions.

Jirachi was a special-occasion Pokémon just like the previous and just like the rest!

Let’s get back to that further down, so another question can be answered first: What is so special about Jirachi?

Jirachi has perhaps one of the best type combinations of all of these 100-stat legendaries, being Psychic and Steel. That means that every weaknesses the Psychic type basically has, is covered by the Steel type (which are the Dark, Ghost and Bug types). However The Psychic type doesn’t cover all the weaknesses provided by the Steel type.

Apparently, Jirachi has a third eye on its torso, which I just recently noticed. According to Bulbapedia, this third eye can be called “the true eye”. The main task for this Eye is to absorb a lot of energy so it can hibernate, no not for a long winter, but rather a millennium.

Yes, the Pokédex consistently states that Jirachi is awake in only one week every thousand years. (Some life, huh?) During this week Jirachi will grant any wishes anyone who confronts it desires.

But during these thousand years… How does Jirachi stay unharmed from any dangers and damage?

Well, the Emerald Version Pokédex claims that it is protected by a “tough crystalline shell”.

These last two pics are from the movie “Jirachi: Wish Maker”, which in the anime is from back in the “Advanced Generation Series” (the first season linked to the Ruby/Sapphire versions).

There is also a Pokédex statement which claims that it fulfills the wishes people have written as notes set on its head. And… wait! Huh?! Hold it right there! How can people put notes on Jirachi’s head when it’s covered in a hard, protective shell?!

Well, the Pokédex is infamous for having “information” that doesn’t always seem a 100% waterproof. Any Jirachi used in the RPG-games, does NOT go to sleep for a thousand years, so any new proud owners of the rare Legendary can breathe normally again. Jirachi can, however, be induced with a SLEEP status and use the move Rest, but neither one of the two will result in a thousand-year SLEEP status.

There is another ‘however’, because another Pokédex statement claims that Jirachi will fight without awakening when it senses danger. Which could mean that Jirachis in the game are never really awake, but can fight normally. This could be somewhat explained by the move Sleep Talk, but then again Jirachi does not have Sleep talk in its level-up movepool and Sleep Talk requires the user being induced with the SLEEP status, and Jirachi isn’t even that when using other attacks.

So, what’s left… Well, Jirachi can still learn Wish, though. Although by now we vcould probably conclude that Jirachi may be renamed the Enigma Pokémon…

Next Pokémon to blog about will be a double, so stay blogged!

I can only crave…

October 8, 2010

It’s time for another Pokémon to Blog About! Continuing after Mew, I present the even more rare Celebi!

Celebi, the Timetravel Pokémon, is the last Pokémon in the Johto Pokédex and the 2nd gen version of Mew.

Celebi is said to travel back in time an lay an egg deep in a forest and then disappear into the future again. Will this mean that Celebi gives birth to itself forever in a perpetuous circle. Very mind-boggling and kind of… impossible.

I believe Pokéfans who has played the RPGs for years agrees with me when I say that Celebi is perhaps the rarest Pokémon to receive in any possible way ever! It has never been available within the the American or European version of any RPG games.

In Japan, players could get a Celebi event for the old Gold and Silver versions in Pokémon occasions around the country, which was obtainable via the Key Item “GS-Ball” and later for Ruby and Sapphire within a special disc along with Pokémon Colosseum for Nintendo GameCube, if I’m not mistaken (I have not verified the last one thoroughly).

None, zilch nada!

Nintendo has been extremely stingy with letting any gamers of the European versions of any game have any Celebi legally. Maybe… just “maybe” Nintendo will be kind to us with HeartGold and SoulSilver, finally honour us with the Celebi-event. It is for a fact that Celebi WILL unlock a story of some sort within those two games.

So there is a hope… but a narrowly puny one…

Anyways, if there is something else that is important… or at least interesting to say about Celebi, it’s that Celebi is considered the weakest of the all-100-stat legendaries. This is mostly because of it’s poor type combination, being Grass/Psychic.

It’s an exotic combo of types, but have, oh, so many weaknesses; Fire, Ice, Dark, Ghost, Poison,Flying and double weakness to Bug (which means four times normal damage STAB not accounted for).

Poor type combo aside, I would consider the chance of ever getting that Celebi legally more poorly than the Pokémon itself. Being about as impossible to get as few, Celebi has had its cameos in various games also in European versions of those games: In Pokémon Colosseum, although unobtainable,

Come on Nintendo and Game Freak! Please let me have the chance of getting a Celebi in my lifetime!

I got Mew!!

July 11, 2010

After going through a catching frenzy on Diamond, and then deposit almost all the Pokémon I caught onto My Pokémon Ranch.
Then I could finally trade Haley’s Mew for a simple Egg. Best trade ever!!

This means that I have 3 of all 5 Legendaries that is in the 100-Stat Legendaries cathegory. (I invented the name myself.) That is the Legendaries with 100 points in each stat and are very difficult to get in a “legal” way.

The five of them are (in National Pokédex order): Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy and Shaymin.

Since it has been an awful long time since the last Pokémon to Blog About, I thought of taking it on with five Pokémon! (Or perhaps even six! You’ll see…)

Let’s start with Mew, the New Species Pokémon!

Mew is the first of these Legendaries in the National Pokédex order and is the very first Pokémon unobtainable in any normal way ever. Mew couldn’t be obtained in any three versions in the first generations by cathing or evolving. That has made Mew one of the rarest Pokémon to get ever since.

However, there was a glitch in the Red and Blue versions that made Mew available. If you went to Cerulean with an Abra that knows Teleport and healed at the PokéCenter then went to the Route due North and got spotted by the Jr. Trainer. Right in that moment the trainer (you) had to press Start and make Abra Teleport. Then the trainer should go to Cerulean Gym and battle a certain male Swimmer. Then go back to the same Route and a menu will appear. When that menu was closed the trainer could battle a wild Mew!!

If you, like me, already had battled the two trainers, the glitch fails and no Mew can be obtained. There are, however, altenative ways to to this glitch.

The Mew was also given away in tournaments in different cities around the world, but as it mostly were bigger cities, Pokéfans in smaller towns couldn’t get Mew unless they spent a fortune and went to these tournaments.

The special thing about Mew, other than its rarity, is that it can learn every single move that is possible to learn! In theory that is. Mew has a moveset as it levels up, but cannot be bred and recieve egg moves, but it can learn every single TM and HM that exists, no matter the generation and probably get any moves from any Move Tutors

Four moveslots may seem a little bit to little for Mew.

There weren’t any events to get Mew in the second generation games, but you could trade the Mew from the previous gen games via the Time Capsule.

In the third gen, Mew got a Nintendo Event on Emerald Version. As Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection still didn’t exist, it was still an Event in bigger cities. If you got the Old Sea Map item you could travel with S.S. Aqua to Faraway Island were there was a Mew waiting.

In the current generation, if you, like me, have downloaded My Pokémon Ranch to Wii and deposited 999 Pokémon (I know!) to the Ranch, Haley (the Ranch owner), will trade a Mew for an Egg.

This I did and finally got my very first Mew! Still after nine years, my Pokédex is not complete and it will probably never be fully complete. I’ll try my best, though, so wish me luck!

Next Pokémon to Blog About will be Celebi!

The last Pokémon to Blog About: My Favourite Pokémon!!!

April 10, 2010

It been two weeks since Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver versions were released, so I thought it was time for the first Pokémon to Blog About after the release. I thought it was time for a real special Pokémon this time…

Actually… I have planned it for some time, because it’s my favourite Pokémon of all Pokémon!!! Can you guess who it is?

It’s LAPRAS!!!!!

Lapras, the Transport Pokémon, has been my favourite Pokémon ever since I knew about it!

Lapras is very friendly in the wild, despite it’s appearance when it comes to its size. To humans, and Pokémon for that matter, it’s so kind that it allows them to cross bodies of water on its back, and still Lapras is a Pokémon hunted to almost extinction. So if you hear or see a Lapras singing (I still hope to!), it’s probably checking after possible responses from other Laprases that still lives.

Stupid humans, what do you want to kill Lapras for?! I’m about to become a vegetarian here!! And even despite this, Lapras does not feel vengeful or bears grudges. Bless this Pokémon! If it could ever become President there would be no war on this planet!

Lapras is an Ice- and Water typed Pokémon, like two others from it’s generation. However, unlike them, Lapras does not evolve from any Pokémon. For that matter, it doesn’t evolve into another Pokémon either.Lapras is quite powerful, despite the lack of having any evolutions, and would definitely manage just quite good on it’s own.

Lapras has a fantastic good HP stat and great Sp.Def stat as well, and the other stats at 80 and 85, except for Speed, which is 60. Not bad!

Like most Water types it has the ability to learn Surf, one of the most useful HMs both in and out of battle. One could almost say that Surf is Lapras’s signature move, but since about every Water Pokémon can learn Surf, I am sorry to say that it’s not.

Ice Beam, which it can learn by leveling up, is also a good STAB move at the same base power (95). And Body Slam is also good and woth 30% chance of paralysing, it’s a good bonus!

It also has Confuse Ray, for added annoyment, and Perish Song, if used wisely.

Lapras has the ability of learning 3 out of the 4 one-hit-KO moves, being Sheer Cold, Fissure and Horn Drill, which makes it the Pokémon that can learn the most OHKO moves.

Here’s another fun fact on the go: Before all the 4th generation Pokémon were published, rumour had it that Shellos was a pre-evolution of Lapras. It sure would look like it, eh? Lapras and Shellos are quite alike, wouldn’t you agree?. It turned out, that Shellos had its own evolution.

In the anime Lapras was found by Ash & co. on a beach being tormented by some guys. Lapras soon enough joins Ash and helps them travel around the Orange Islands. It was actually a baby Lapras missing her Lapras herd, so in the end Lapras finally found them and left Ash and the others with a lot of gratitude.

Even though Lapras is still one of those Pokémon who doesn’t have any evolution or pre-evolution, it is by far capable of standing alone. I’m in fact glad for Lapras not having any evolutions in any directions. I believe I will be quite dissapointed the day Lapras evolves.

Lapras ❤

Pokémon to blog about: Slowpoke

March 16, 2010

TEN days left and still defying my countdown curse (in your face, countdown curse!) with having another post! This time, I want to have a Pokémon to blog about-post, and by request of one of my faithful readers (which happens to be my best friend), I shall blog about SLOWPOKE!!!

Slowpoke, the Dopey Pokémon, is famous for being… absent. The Pokédex has many times claimed that Slowpoke is, as its name says, slow and dimwitted and that it takes 5 seconds for it to feel any pain or anything at all. Although Slowpoke is claimed to be slow and stupid (sorry), the Pokédex also states that Slowpoke is very good at fishing with its tail.

Fishing with its tail is Slowpoke’s main keyword, especially when it comes to its evolutions. It is said that when a Shellder bites on to Slowpoke’s tail, it will evolve into a Slowbro and if the Shellder bites its head, Slowpoke will evolve into a Slowking in addition to holding a King’s Rock.

That’s at least how it works in the anime, but in reality, that is in the RPG games, it evolves into Slowbro by leveling up and evolves into Slowking by holding a King’s Rock while being traded.

Still, the Shellder is being called a Shellder, although it has been transformed during Slowpoke’s evolution. However there is Mantyke that evolves into Mantine if one have a Remoraid in the party while leveling Mantyke up. Since Mantyke is one of the Pokémon introduced in the current generation, this evolution method is also available in in the RPG being also introduced in the current generation. Slowpoke is a Pokémon that is perfectly tailored to use this evolution method, but since Slowpoke is one of the first Pokémon introduced, it have already had an evolution method configured.

In Pokémon Channel, Slowpoke is forecasting the weather on the Weather Channel. It takes a goood, long while, though, so be patient.

Oh, and yes, Slowpoke has its own town and a well in HeartGold and SoulSilver. In Azalea Town you can see Slowpoke wander around (or rather stand around) freely, because they are preserved. Still Team Rocket makes hulabaloo in the Slowpoke Well just West for Azalea.

Naaaw, isn’t that just cute!

Some artwork for ya!

Bonus Pokémon to blog about!

March 7, 2010

Did you really think I could have a Pokémon to blog about Eeveelution Special without blogging about the source of all Eeveelutions, that is Eevee?

No way, José! To really end the Eeveelution special in the prefect way, I am to blog about Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon!

Yes, Eevee is the neutral Normal type and has an irregular DNA, making it exposable to radiation from elemental stones, the Sun, the Moon or other minerals.
This tells just about the most obvious of the obvious facts of Eevee: That its way of evolving is very versatile.

As blogged about during the last weeks, Eevee is the Pokémon that has the most different evolution. As up to this date, the number of different evolutions has reached seven! Even with seven different eeveelutions, Game Freak doesn’t seem to want to stop coming up with more of ’em. In the future generations we may have more eeveelutions!

And to some trivia:

Eevee can evolve in several different ways, however the new ones has always had some evolution trouble in the remakes of earlier games. In Fire Red and Leaf Green, Eevee couldn’t evolve into Espeon or Umbreon, because despite having the happiness function in the game, there was no time function. So if one wanted Espeon or Umbreon one would have to trade it over to Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald to evolve them there and then trade them back.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Nintendo did it again with Leafeon and Glaceon. The newest eeveelutions are unable to obtain in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, because they are area based evolutions. Eevee will only evolve into Leafeon or Glaceon when evolved in Eterna Forest or Route 217, respectively, and since there are no such thing as Eterna Forest or Route 217 in Heart Gold or Soul Silver, Eevee has to be traded to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum to evolve into them and then be traded back.

Off, course you can simply trade one of the missing Eeveelutions to HG/SS you aren’t forced to trade an Eevee of your own, but that was kinda obvious.

It is fun to see Eevee get a wider range of eeveelution in almost every generation. And whether I’m going to follow up a new generation of Pokémon or not, new eeveelutions will be placed on the pro side on the pro/con-list.

Pokémon to blog about: Espeon

March 3, 2010

We’ve arrived at the last eeveelution in the Pokémon to Blog About: Eeveelution Special! *sniff, sob*

I’m going to end it like I started it; by blogging about the second eeveelution that made its debut in the Gold and Silver versions. Presenting: Espeon the Sun Pokémon a.k.a. the Psychic type eeveelution.

To get Espeon, you need to raise Eevee’s happiness at maximum and then level it up at daytime. (See? No complicated instuctions there!) Note that daytime in the game is calcualted between 6.00 a.m. and 5.59 p.m.

Espeon is quite graceful in its appearance and maybe the most feminine eeveelution due to its looks. It has a thin pink fur and a tail split in two at the end. It uses its fur and tail to predict things such as the weather and also what can of move the opponent uses next. Espeon’s can do so by using the wind blowing through the fur and tail.

… That is what the Pokédex usually says, but it wasn’t until the current generation that Espeon could live up to the Pokédex’s statement, and that only because it can learn Future Sight. However, Espeon still can’t learn Mind Reader.

Nevertheless, that fact is just a lost crumble compared to the strawberry shortcake Espeon was honoured with from the third to the fourth and current generation, when we speak of its movepool!

Up until the third generation, Espeon had not many offensive moves apart from its Psychic type moves. There were some, off course, but those were either some puny normal type moves, or Iron Tail or Shadow Ball. All three types were physical at the time and with Espeon’s stats they were poor options.

And then suddenly, as if the clouds drifted away and the sun started shining and warming, the fourth generation arrived making Espeon’s life in bits and bytes more livable. Suddenly Shadow Ball was based on the Sp.Attack stat and it got Future Sight which isn’t affected by weakness or resistance.

And what’s more, it was able to learn Grass Knot and Signal Beam. The last one especially to take care of that Umbreon who had been taunting it ever since their beginning for Espeon being gifted a strong type, but Umbreon itself got a brand new type immune to Espeon’s attempt to be scary. So now Espeon can be feared for wielding Signal Beam at those Dark types it had to run away with its twin tip tail between its legs.

In stats, Espeon has got some sort of a twin in Glaceon both having 130 in Sp.Attack and 95 in Sp.Defense. Espeon, on the other hand has its 130 in Speed. Its Attack stat is just to ignore, its low and you don’t need it anway, but its Defense and HP is something else.

Espeon has Morning Sun to heal HP, but it may be healing in vain because of its small HP and Defense. First turn heal, next turn sweeped by Bite, Crunch, X-Scissor… even an Astonish in the right hands is a threat for Espeon.

But, Espeon is the tailored “Special Sweeper”. That means it sweeps opponents away from the battle arena with its Sp.Attack. One Psychic is enough, usually, but look out for those Steel types… and Blissey.

Yes… that was the last Eeveelution to blog about… feeling a little… empty now that the eeveelutions are done.

But you enjoy! 😀

Pokémon to blog about: Jolteon

February 28, 2010

We’re closing in on the end of the Eeveelution special in the Pokémon to blog about, but before we get there Jolteon demands it’s one post of fame on this blog!

Jolteon, the Lightning Pokémon, is the Electric type eeveelution and is fast as lightning! Infact, it’s the fastest of them all (the eeveelutions, mind)!

To get a Jolteon one must simply use the radiation from a gem of the electric element! Or in simpler meanings: Just use a Thunderstone!

And here’s some trivia: You can actually get both Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon at level 1 in the fourth generation! It’s as simple as hatching an Eevee (well three Eevees) from an egg. The Eevee will off course be at level 1 and it’s not required leveling up when evolving woth an elemental stone!

Yeah, Jolteon is quite exceptional, and has its stats where they should be, in my opinion: As said, Jolteon is the speediest of the eeveelutions with the 130 eeveelution-stat-points in Speed. Next best would be its Sp.Attack stat at 110 points. And the runner up for the second place with 95 points is… da-daam the Sp.Defense!

The rest is nothing to brag about, with 65 in both Attack and HP and the cheap 60 points in Defense. Gather here, gather here all ye users of Earthquake!

For Jolteon, a meeting with a Ground-type Pokémon can be fatal, espesially since most Ground-types are bundled up with another type, that is good in Defense. For example Golem, Rhydon/Rhyperior, Steelix, etc. Luckily for Jolteon, it’s able to learn Shadow Ball and Signal Beam as any other eeveelution, so it isn’t doomed.

And a good move such as Thunder or Thunder Bolt which get a boost from STAB while getting support from Jolteon, is always obligatory. Thunder Bolt is probably the best option for single battles,and even though Thunder is more powerful, it’s less accurate.

Jolteon is also able to learn Magnet Rise to remove any attempts of Earthquake-sweeping, which is a good addition introduced in the current generation. And also Trump Card, which gets stronger the lower the PP and Wish for healing is also worth mentioning. And for all eeveelutions which has good Sp.Atk. Hyper Beam is always an option.

Jolteon is probably the Eeveelution that sticks out of the crowd, even after all these years and always new eeveelutions trying to take the spotlight. And no matter what, Jolteon will one of my favourite eeveelution too. It’s the coolest of them!

Pokémon to blog about: Glaceon

February 25, 2010

Well, as the cold winter proceeds so does my Eeveelution Special!

And since I’m in on talking about winter, then why not blog about the Fresh Snow Pokémon, Glaceon?

As logic tells, Glaceon would be the Ice type eeveelution, and logic didn’t fail this time either. Well, enough about stupid sentences just to state the fact that Glaceon is Ice type, to actually start blogging about the eeveelution.

The trick to get a Glaceon from that Eevee of yours is unsurprisingly not that unusual from the trick to get a Leafeon, as they both are the newest eeveelutions.Yes, Glaceon’s way of evolving is also area-based just as Leafeon’s is. Where Leafeon’s area to evolve is grassy, Glaceon’s area is… well, icy; Glaceon has to level up due to radiation from Icy Rock (as it is famously called), which is located at Route 217, which is always full of blizzards.

Glaceon’s stats is all about Special Attack and the Defenses and less than average Attack, Speed and HP stat. That certain HP stat is very common for most of the Eeveelutions as Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Leafeon and Glaceon all shares this trait, and they’re still going strong despite the low HP stat, and there are other great ‘mons with even lower HP.

For Glaceon’s stats Ice-type attacks should come all marvelous for it, but the generation shift was not that kind to Glaceon, even though it have had nothing to with the last generation. Before the fourth generation, all Ice type attacks as filed in as being based on the Special Attack stat. However the generation shift meant that the individual move itself is based on either being physical or special. (I’ve been through this before, haven’t I?) So for Glaceon this means that most of its attacks in the level-up movepool are physical, despite some of them being Ice moves.

Nevertheless, Glaceon is able to learn both Blizzard and Hail upon leveling up, which is a fierce combo as Blizzard will have a 100% hit during Hail and that Glaceon has an ability that increases evasiveness if it is supported by Hail. Glaceon also learns Mirror Coat upon leveling up, which retaliates back double the Sp.Attack damage done to it. However, Glaceon has too good a Sp.Defense and too low a HP stat, for the move to be good enough to be used successfully.

Shadow Ball and/or Signal Beam are good side moves Glaceon are able to learn via TM. Otherwise Wish is good for healing, though it takes some turns to activate and the fact that Glaceon is slow and Substitute for defending against threats like Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Stone Edge, Earthquake, etc., which with only a 1/4 HP sacrifice to Substitute can be less intimidating.

Much can be said about Glaceon, but it is an exotic addition (in my opinion) to the eeveelutions and it sure would be interesting to see the future eeveelutions that Glaceon is going to pass the baton to in the next generations.