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What really happened to Brock?

May 12, 2011

I’m still here, even though it gets longer and longer between the posts.
Between all the studying, I find time to play som ‘mon and stuff. (It’s really between all the gaming I find time to some studying, but who’s noticing?)

Here the other day, I was out and about in the 5th dimension (commonly called Internet).  I don’t know how it lead up to it, but I ended up reading about Professor Ivy.
“Professor who?”, you say?

Well, Professor Felina Ivy, which is her whole name, has never been in any of the Pokémon games, but has starred in the anime. She is a good friend and colleague with Professor Oak.
When Ash, Misty, Brock and Tracy meet her on Valencia Island, in the episode “Pokéball Peril”, they have just started on their Orange Island journey.  Professor Ivy has found a special ball known as the GS Ball, but despite all her efforts and equipments, she fails to open the GS Ball, so she asks Ash the task to deliver the enigmatic Pokéball to Professor Oak.

Pokéfans who’ve played Gold, Silver or Crystal verisons for Game Boy, might have heard about the GS Ball. Whether or not, it’s not hard to tell what the initials mean, especially with the colours of the GS Ball.
Within the games, the GS Ball allowed access to the rare and exclusive Celebi. This, off course, was only for the Japanese games, and the rest of the world was left without # 251.

Like with any other pretty women, Brock falls in love with Professor Ivy, to the normal utter upset from the others. However, he notices  that Professor Ivy and her three assistant triplets are so focused in their work, that they have neglected most of the household tasks, which leaves Brock to deal with it.

When Ash and co. are about to leave, Brock surprisingly chooses to stay with Professor Ivy and the others as her house keeping assistant and leaves Ash, Misty and Tracy to go without him.

Brock doesn’t join the gang again, until the Johto journey starts, and then it is the good old gang again with himself, Ash and Misty.
However, it has clearly happened something with Brock and Professor Ivy during his stay at Valencia island, because he is very reluctant of talking about the Professor.
Every time Professor Ivy’s name is brought up, he curls up in a ball and say “Don’t mention that name!”.

What happened to Brock?!?

It has been a fan favourite to speculate about, no doubt.
Maybe during his failed attempts of getting closer to Professor Ivy ended in her getting a boyfriend on her own, to Brocks heartbreak. Or maybe he was bound and gagged by the professor, with a little help of the assistant triplets.


Will we ever know?


Let’s all be grateful!

April 24, 2011

I’m going to continue on my Pokémon to Blog About – 100-stat-Legendary Special, which has lasted for over half a year now, due to being a little lazy. (Yes I’m admitting. Let’s go on now!)

This time the Pokémon to blog about will be about the last one in the 4th generation and the second of the two Grass types in the 100-stat category. It could almost be both the second and third one as well.

I’m talking, or more like blogging about Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon!

Like all the 100-stat Legendaries, Shaymin is famous for being shy and secretive, mainly for the reason that GameFreak and Nintendo has been very stingy about letting trainers have the opportunity to catch it.

Shaymin is one of the three Legendaries in the Diamond/Pearl generation NOT being introduced in Diamond and Pearl. (What?!) This was because it is an event-only Pokémon, not having an event in Europe or America until the Platinum version.

The only way to get access to Shaymin was to download Oak’s Letter via Nintendo WFC, which is a Key Item that activates access from Route 224.
Otherwise, owners of Diamond and/or Pearl were able to download a “Special Movie Giveaway”-Shaymin when the movie “Giratina and the Sky Warrior” had its premiere.

Recently it was available to download as a Wi-Fi-Event to Pokémon Rangers: Guardian Signs probably to some special missions. (Sorry, I’ve just played the first Pokémon Ranger game, so i don’t know for sure.)
After completing the special mission, one could transfer the Shaymin to any of the main games.

Shaymin is special for having two different formes! Like Giratina, the second forme was gaven in Platinum and not in Diamond and Pearl. This makes it the only 100-stat Legendary that has two Formes!

However, when changed into the other Forme, also known as the Sky Forme, its stats changes! It goes from a 100-stat Legendary to a non-100-stat Legendary? Well, yes and no – the stats on Shaymin’s Sky Forme sums up to 600, like its original Land Forme and the rest.

To get the Sky Forme Shaymin, you had to get another (!) item. This item, however, is not WFC based fortunately: When successfully having caught Shaymin, just go to Floaroma Town and talk to a blond woman outside when having Shaymin in the party. She will then give the trainer a Gracidea Flower.
Shaymin changes from Land Forme to Sky Forme when the Gracidea Flower is used during the day. At the evening Shaymin will revert to its original Land Forme and won’t change until morning arrives again. Technically, this means that Sky Forme Shaymin is available between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Also, if Shaymin gets frozen solid it will revert to its Land Forme.

Shaymin is also known to have a different cry, depending on its Forme, which is unusual for any Pokémon, Formes or not Formes. This cry is not available to be checked in the gen IV Pokédex, because it’s impossible to have a Sky Forme Shaymin as the first encounter on the Pokedex.
Strangely enough Pikachu is also known for having a different cry than it normally has. In Pokémon Yellow, the Pikachu given as a starter Pokémon had been taken from Ikue Ohtani herself as to reseble the anime cry.
In Black and White, however, both cries if Shaymin can be checked  in the Pokédex.

Another thing notable about the Shaymin that can be caught within the game is that it is listed as “A fateful encounter”, even though it really should be listed as “Caught in Flower Paradise”.
This is actually as to differ from the Shaymin encoded in Diamond and Pearl that cannot change Forme. Why? Because, someone found a glitch in the games that could take the trainer from Veilstone City to Flower Paradise so no WFC event was necessary. So GameFreak and Nintendo simply disallowed the cheaters to get the special Sky Forme.

So let’s all be grateful for the Shaymin that is legally caught. After all it is the Gratitude Pokémon!

Thoughts about Japan

March 22, 2011

It’ still just less than two weeks ago that the major earthquake hit Japan.
This wouldn’t be so bad, as buildings in Japan are designed to endure eartquakes, if it weren’t for the following tsunami, which devastated infrastructure and lives.
If that weren’t enough, nuclear power plants suffered by the tsunami, and have caused them to overheat and some of these actually to explode.

This again has resulted in a concern for radiation in not just the Sendai area that was struck, but throughout all of Japan.

Although, hardly of any importance at all, considering the circumstances, Nintendo nor Game Freak did suffer from the catastrophy, having their HQs located in Kyoto and Tokyo respectively.

You might have heard rumours about Junichi Masuda, one of the members of the Game Freak board of directors and also known as the father of Pokémon, has passed.
These are JUST FALSE RUMOURS!! He did not suffer any damage from the catastrophy any more any other Japanese outside of the zone that was hit.

Nintendo along with other Japanese companies including Sony, have offered their aid economically.

There have been some questions raised about gamers outside of Japan, being subdued to the consequences of the catastrophy.

The Pokémon Global Link site, which were scheduled to be launched on March 30th, has been delayed.
This is also because the main server, which is located in Japan, is currently down, but of course mainly because of Japan’s sufferings. Even the Japanese website is temporarily down.

As already said, these are the least to worry about now. Japan has started the recovery process and will hopefully go back to normal as soon as possible!

One week left until a new generation starts!

February 25, 2011

There’s lass than a week left until the brand new games are going to be released in Europe and only a few days later in America.

Nintendo and Game Freak has done a lot to prepare us fans for the new games. As I’ve already blogged about, the Legendary Dogs, Raikou, Entei and Suicune have all been available for download. Suicune is still up for downloading until sunday (27.02.11) so get it while it lasts!

When you’ve got all three of these Legendaries by the end of February, you can eventually transfer them onto either Pokémon Black or White Versions.
By doing this you’re able to get the special Zoroark with the wicked ability Illusion, which makes an illusion of the Pokémon that is last in the Pokémon team.

At the same time Celebi is available in game stores around Europe and USA!

The only Pokémon that are missing from the Pokédex to legally complete the Pokedex (on Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and/or SoulSilver) is Deoxys and Arceus.

Deoxys were actually available to transfer from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs on a handful of conditions: Firstly, downloading a mission from the Nintendo WFC, then, secondly, do the mission – with another friend. As if it weren’t difficult enough to get a Wi-Fi connection suitable for the DS, you had to convince a friend to spend a lot of money on a game he or she probably wouldn’t have any self interest in.

And then it was Arceus. All was set ready for Arceus in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. There were different Plates to be found that were designed for Arceus’s Multitype ability. All Nintendo needed to do was to give away the Azure Flute item over WFC, but alas. There weren’t any…

Please get me right. I’ve been more than happy ever since I got Celebi for the very first time in my ten years of playing the Pokémon games. The thing is: I want to fully and LEGALLY complete the Pokédex on my games.

On the Diamond version I’m less than 20 Pokémon away from reaching that goal and that includes both Deoxys and Arceus. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone about this goal either. So close!

Despite my hopes of getting these tiny bits of data really hang thread as thin as a spider’s, remember that a spider’s thread is more robust than steel! And hopefully there will be events for old ‘mons in Pokémon Black and White too!


Music worthy to the holy Arceusness!

November 30, 2010

Sorry for the whole months absence. Studying non-pokéstuff takes up so much time…

Meanwhile I have been watching and off course listening to a lot of music from the Pokémon games on Youtube and coincidences wanted it that I stumbled upon one of the most amazing recording-piano-playing-on-video-to-publish-it-on-youtube piano playing I’ve ever seen or more correctly ever heard!

I praise you, Kylelandry, for making this video for all Pokéfans to enjoy!
I praise your for playing such a masterpiece of amazing pieces of Pokémon game music that I’m sure it makes both Nintendo and Game Freak proud and Sony and Microsoft green with envy when they realize that they have very few games with a soundtrack that can last for ages!


Creepy Pokémon Phenomena

October 30, 2010

I have saved this especially for Halloween!

One thing can be said about Ghost Pokémon. They may not be the creepiest of monsters, but they do give the games that creepy touch!

Already in the very first games, there are strong elements of horror. Lavender Town, the very home town of Ghost Pokémon, as it holds the Pokémon Tower – the graveyard for Pokémon. Though a very small town, Lavender Town have a bad reputation.

Item 1: An Internet hype tells that in the original Japanese Pokémon games, Red and Green, it is said that the town music made kids freak out. Those that especially was between 7 and 12 years old and used earphones was often more likely to get influenced. The music were said to cause nosebleeds, irritability, insomnia and addiction to the game and in about 70% of the cases ended in suicide.

In almost all cases, despite the games being played further and play time recorded to the limit, the game hadn’t progressed longer than to… Lavender Town!

In the newer editions of the games, also known as Red and Blue Versions, the 3 notes that were being said to cause the trauma, had been removed.

Item 2: In Lavender Town as in some other towns, both previous and later in the game, you will have an encounter with your rival aka Blue/Gary. After a battle with him, he’ll ask you whether or not you know how it is if any of your Pokémon died and then leave.

The strange thing is that when you battled him last on S.S. Anne he had a Raticate which is not in his team when you battle him in Pokémon Tower. Has he buried his Raticate in Pokémon Tower?

It does not even end there. In the anime S.S. Anne sank to the bottom of the sea, and Internet speculates that it happens in the game story as well – it is a fact that you can’t return to S.S. Anne once the main tasks there are done and you leave the ship. The conspiracy tells, than his Raticate got seriously injured in your battle on S.S. Anne, but it was so crowded and confusing in the luxury liner that he didn’t make it back to a Pokémon Center in time so his Raticate passed  away…

So after the death of Raticate, Blue swears to revenge his lost friend and decides to aim for Pokémon championship at the Pokémon League. But even here Red defeats him, and all he gets is scolding from Professor Oak – his own grandfather.

Now who is the real bad guy here…? I’m just asking…

Happy Halloween everyone!

Do you remember this one?

October 16, 2010

On my walk along Memory Lane, I stumbled upon this city. It got me back to the Game Boy days when I played my Silver and Crystal versions.

Okey, enough with that! What I really mean is just to present the Game Boy tune of Cherrygrove City and Mahogany Town.

Nostalgic huh?

And here’s the amazing remake for the DS games!

Which reminds me; the Mew Event have started and will run until October 30th! Be sure to get it while it lasts!

When I’m away…

September 2, 2010

Hey all you Pokéfans out there! I’m still here. It’s almost been a month since last time, and that is mostly because I’ve started on a University! Gamers aren’t slackers, that’s for sure!!

There is news about the new generation of Pokémon games all the time and soon enough I’m going to post that pro-list on the B/W-games.

For now I’ll post a nice trailer for you! It is in Japanese though.

Later on I’ll comment the trailer in this blog so follow closely!

Amazing! 8D

More HeartGold/SoulSilver music

August 7, 2010

It has been too long since the last time I posted some of the amazing music from HeartGold and SoulSilver!

This time I want to follow the last music post, where it was the New Bark Town music.

First up is the theme from the good ol’ GameBoy, back in the Gold/Silver/Crystal-days.

Next is the awesome makeover to the DS games

Sigh… oh, and I found this version as well! From the anime! It was actually very good.

I wonder if the HG/SS version of the tune is inspired by this… 😉

Black and White, I say?

July 4, 2010

Even more info about the very newest Pokémon games yet to come in spring next year has been official!

A lot of new things is going to be a part of the next generation in addition to the new Pokémon.

The new region is called the Isshu Region, which seems to be far more industrialized than the previous regions, especially when it comes to the infrastructure. One of the cities has skyscrapers and a huge bridge leading to it with a lot of trucks driving on it.

If there is something the other regions has lacked it had to be the infrastructure! It is actually quite ironic that the technology in the game, such as Poké Balls, PC storage and trading are amazing if it had existed in the real world, as it would probably and basically needed the infrastructure to get all the material to build and make them.

Anyways, the graphics are also a bit different. At first sight it seems unimpressive in my opinion, stills of Black/White battle, seems a lot more jagged than before, but now the whole player’s Pokémon is seen from behind not just half its body or like, in Mamoswine’s sake, the top of its head revealing one eye and the tip of a tusk.

Not only do we see the entire Pokémon this time, but they are actually moving in battle, which was just about time. The Pokémon react if they get hit or if the moves miss and the even move when waiting for commands.

That is the so called aesthetic battle systems, but there is said to be some new core changes in the battle system as well, that is still yet to be revealed. However, what is already confirmed is the new battle form! We already have single and double battles, but in Black and White triple battles is introduced!!!

Half the team is out there at the same time! The question is: Will it really work?

It is yet to be answered. And another question is also unanswered as of yet: Will Pokémon Black and White come to the new 3DS, arriving next year?

Probably and hopefully, I’d say! *Knock on wood*